Luca Taglialegne

Sailing now

NameHostDatePositionPlace finish
EckerdSkipper2/18 (A Div)

Season history for Spring 2020

It appears Luca Taglialegne has not participated in any regattas this season.

Season history for Spring 2019

NameHostDatePositionPlace finish
NavySkipper12/18 (A Div)
NavySkipper10/18 (A Div)
Ocean CountySkipper3/17 (A Div)
William and MarySkipper1/9 (A Div)
EckerdSkipper6/13 (A Div)

Season history for Fall 2018

NameHostDatePositionPlace finish
NavySkipper11/18 (A Div)
NavySkipper5/19 (A Div)
MITSkipper15/18 (A Div)
Rhode IslandSkipper9/18 (A Div)
Old DominionSkipper7/17 (A Div)

Season history for Fall 2017

NameHostDatePositionPlace finish
Hobart & William SmSkipper8/18 (B Div)
Kings PointSkipper9/18 (B Div)
CornellSkipper1/18 (B Div)
Coast GuardSkipper5/20 (B Div)
Old DominionSkipper3/12 (B Div)
Kings PointSkipper6/20 (B Div)
Old DominionSkipper2/18 (B Div)

Season history for Spring 2017

NameHostDatePositionPlace finish
CharlestonSkipper6/18 (B Div)
CornellSkipper, Crew8/18 (B Div)
Kings PointSkipper6/18 (B Div)
NavySkipper, Crew5/20 (B Div)
NY MaritimeSkipper8/8
Christopher NewportCrew1/5
HamptonCrew1/11 (B Div)
William and MarySkipper2/11 (B Div)
EckerdCrew1/13 (B Div)

Season history for Fall 2016

NameHostDatePositionPlace finish
Kings PointSkipper7/19 (B Div)
GeorgetownSkipper5/15 (B Div)
NY MaritimeSkipper1/17 (B Div)
Old DominionSkipper5/18 (B Div)

Season history for Spring 2016

NameHostDatePositionPlace finish
San Diego StateSkipper12/18 (B Div)
NY MaritimeSkipper9/18 (B Div)
MonmouthSkipper1/17 (B Div)
Christopher NewportSkipper1/7
Old DominionSkipper2/18 (B Div)

Season history for Fall 2015

NameHostDatePositionPlace finish
CornellSkipper14/18 (B Div)
Old DominionSkipper2/18 (B Div)
Hobart & William SmSkipper4/17 (B Div)
William and MarySkipper1/11 (B Div)
NY MaritimeSkipper5/18 (B Div)
Old DominionSkipper10/17 (A Div)