Streufert Team Race


Saturday, October 26:

It was a beautiful day in Wayzata Bay. Winds of 9-15kts with gusts of us to 23 gave plenty of good racing opportunities. Due to good conditions and efficient rotations, all round robins were completed today. A big thank you to our PROs Ryan Gorsch and Michael Stone, along with the rest of our volunteers.

Sunday, October 27:

No racing was done on Sunday

Final Results

1WisconsinUniversity of WisconsinBadgers 111/1Tye Rubin '22Kate Britt '21
Jonathan Bailey '22Anna Thickens '21
Thomas Kelly '20Lucas Quinn '23
2WisconsinUniversity of WisconsinBadgers 29/3Peter Sauer '20William Davis '23
William Davis '23Peter Sauer '20
Adam McAvoy '22Noah Hallerman '23
Noah Hallerman '23Adam McAvoy '22
Patrick Schmidt '22Kate Thickens '23
Kate Thickens '23Patrick Schmidt '22
3MinnesotaUniversity of MinnesotaGophers 17/5Carl Eaton '21Cassandra Trask '20
Clara Brown '22Sophie Inglis '22
Jack Rickman '22Madeline Jones '20
4MinnesotaUniversity of MinnesotaGophers 23/9Victor Nartovich '21Nicole Nelson '22
Kendall Van Horne '20Meara Cline '20
Matthew Granstrom '21Erin Bouton '22
5Carthage CollegeRed Men0/12