SAISA South Points #4


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

EckerdEckerd Tritons14668
Embry-RiddleEmbry-Riddle Eagles25779
Florida StateFlorida State Seminoles368810
JacksonvilleJacksonville Fins 1479911
JacksonvilleJacksonville Fins 258101012
Palm Beach AtlanticPalm Beach Atlantic Sailfish69111113
RollinsRollins Tars710121214
U of Central FloridaU of Central Florida Knights811131315
FloridaFlorida Gators 1912141416
FloridaFlorida Gators 21013151517
U. MiamiU. Miami Hurricanes 11114161618
U. MiamiU. Miami Hurricanes 2121517174
South FloridaSouth Florida Bulls131618185
South FloridaSouth Florida Bulls Women1417446
South FloridaSouth Florida Bulls JV1518557

B Division

EckerdEckerd Tritons55779
Embry-RiddleEmbry-Riddle Eagles668810
Florida StateFlorida State Seminoles779911
JacksonvilleJacksonville Fins 188101012
JacksonvilleJacksonville Fins 299111113
Palm Beach AtlanticPalm Beach Atlantic Sailfish1010121214
RollinsRollins Tars1111131315
U of Central FloridaU of Central Florida Knights1212141416
FloridaFlorida Gators 11313151517
FloridaFlorida Gators 21414161618
U. MiamiU. Miami Hurricanes 1151517174
U. MiamiU. Miami Hurricanes 2161618185
South FloridaSouth Florida Bulls1717446
South FloridaSouth Florida Bulls Women1818557
South FloridaSouth Florida Bulls JV44668