Mystic Lake Team Race


Saturday, April 6:

On Saturday, sailors faced uncharacteristically inhospitable conditions for April, with temps in the low 40s and on-and-off rain throughout the day. Wind angle averaged NNW, with a shift range from due north to due west, as winds aloft were slightly more westerly, but surface winds tended to follow the geographical contours of the lake. Wind strength ranged from 8-18 knots, with a few isolated cells of rain bringing short-lived squalls up to 23 knots. A full round robin was completed, along with two thirds of a second round robin. One race between BU and BC was re-sailed due to a tiller universal joint failure on the first beat. The day ended with several protests being filed against Brown by MIT and BU. One incident between Brown and BU resulted in serious fiberglass damage to the rail of one FJ; both boats were disqualified for failure to avoid contact. In terms of results, Roger Williams, Brown, and BC ended the day in contention for the win.

Sunday, April 7:

Sunday brought slightly milder conditions on the mystic, with overcast skies, temps in the mid 40s, and winds from 5-15 knots averaging due north, with a shift range of 45 degrees or less, except for a few big westerly shifts during the last few races. The remainder of the second round as well as a full third round were completed, with Jumbos 1 moving up to 3rd place, and Brown prevailing over runner-up Roger Williams in an action-packed tie-breaking finale. Thanks to competitors for keeping up the pace during rotations and allowing us to finish the 3rd round. Thanks to Annecy Kagan, Gus Macaulay, Courtland Doyle, Harry Prager, Greta Traver, and Thomas Mazzeo for helping out with RC duties.

Final Results

1BrownBrown UniversityBears18/3Connor Macken '24Sierra Bornheim '24
Mason Stang '25Olivia MILLER '25
Ethan Simpson '27Janelle Li '25
Blake Behrens '27Corinne Harrison '27
2Roger WilliamsRoger Williams UniversityHawks16/5Jack Roman '26Carter Sheehan '27
Oliver Stokke '26Addyson Fisher '27
William Bailey '24Ruby Hope '25
3TuftsTufts UniversityJumbos 113/8Samantha Jensen '24Phyllis Ladd '26
Connor Rosow '24Cody Lamoreux '27
Ella Hubbard '26lilah parker '26
Maisie MacGillivray '25Eloise Goedkoop '27
Jack Flores '25Nicole Morikawa '25
Kurt Stuebe '27Matthew Caplan '25
4Boston CollegeBoston CollegeEagles12/9Ian Hopkins Guerra '26Emily Marlas '26
Griffin Gigliotti '26Damien Bocan '27
Nick Budington '25Kennedy Laureigh '26
5Boston UniversityBoston UniversityTerriers9/12Gavin Monaghan '26Adam Elci '26
Elliott Mendenhall '25Marguerite Bowen '27
Noah Robitshek '25Nicholas Thibodeau '26
Porter Bell '26
6Rhode IslandUniversity of Rhode IslandRams8/13Adam Strobridge '26Jane Lally '25
Max Sigel '26Miles Silverman '27
Declan Botwinick '25Vanessa Reid '26 *
*7TuftsTufts UniversityJumbos 24/17Adam Larzelere '25Stefano Chiampo '26
Greta Traver '27Harrison Vose '26
Matthew Walalce '25Sean Beaver '27
Harry Kaya Prager '25
**8MITMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyEngineers4/17Andy Yu '27Katherine Jankowski '27
Lucas Escandon '26Ellie Pinto '27
Max Katz-Christy '25Ade Larsen '27
Karen Dreicer Liberman '24
*Number of races won when tied teams met (2)
**Number of races won when tied teams met (1)