Jumbo Team Race


Saturday, March 30:

After a breif postponement to allow excessive winds to dissipate, A first round and all but the final flight of a 2nd round were completed in blustery winds from the west, with velocity ranging from SSW to NNW and from 6-20 knots. The majority of the first round was conducted in 2 fleets of Larks and 1 Fleet of FJs, but after an FJ capsized in race 15, and their rudder was lost in the murky depths of the mystic, the final flight of the first round and all subsequent rounds, were necessarily completed in larks only, because no spare FJ rudder was available. Additionally, one team failed to secure their jib after de-rigging, and it was also swallowed by the murky depths. As such, the jumbos humbly request that all coaches advise their sailors that sails do not float, and neither do rudders, and therefore both should be secured to the boat at all times.

Sunday, March 31:

After a 15 minute postponement to allow for breeze to fill, the final flight of the 2nd round robin was completed in light and variable winds from the west. Thereafter, a 3rd round was commenced, and although pressure built throughout the afternoon, angle did not stabilize, resulting in boats temporarily fetching the mark on both starboard and port on the same course, sometimes during the same race. After the third round was completed, races 50 and 59 were resailed (Redress was granted due to vang fitting failures in both cases). A tie breaker was subsequently conducted between the top three teams: Brown, Roger Williams, and Tufts 1. After the first round of 3 resulted in another tie, a second round of three was conducted, but could not be completed before the 3pm cutoff. However, all teams involved agreed to sail past the cutoff, so the final race between tufts and roger williams was sailed. Unfortunately for the Jumbos, their win was overturned when the hawks were granted redress for a broken mainsheet. Finally, the resail of the final race was conducted, leading to a triumph for the hawks. In an additional triumph, the PRO was able to recover the Lark jib that sank on saturday by fishing for it off the dock with a danforth anchor (he also recovered 2 rusty beach chairs and a 10 foot by 2 foot strip of carpet).

Thanks to Scorekeepers/finish boat crew Marina Garrido, Greta Traver, Matthew Wallace, and Michael Salvatore. Thanks to the visiting coaches for helping settle protests and redress hearings. Thanks to all competitors for exhibiting good sportsmanship and avoiding any damage-causing collisions. Congratulations to the hawks for their win. We hope to race against all of you again soon!

Final Results

*1Roger WilliamsRoger Williams UniversityHawks14/4Mathieu Dale '25Julia O'Connor '24
Oliver Stokke '26Addyson Fisher '27
Lucy Meagher '27Carter Sheehan '27
Jack Roman '26Maren Matthews '26
Drew Mastovsky '26
**2BrownBrown UniversityBears14/4Connor Macken '24Catherine Morrissette '24
Martins Atilla '27Janelle Li '25
Mason Stang '25Olivia MILLER '25
Ethan Simpson '27
Blake Behrens '27
b3TuftsTufts UniversityJumbos 114/4Connor Rosow '24Amelia Carlson '24
Adrien Bellanger '25Thomas Mazzeo '26
Jack Flores '25Leo Terry '25
Kurt Stuebe '27Matthew Caplan '25
4TuftsTufts UniversityJumbos 28/10Haley Andreasen '25Cody Lamoreux '27
Courtland Doyle '27Stefano Chiampo '26
Gus Macaulay '27Sean Beaver '27
5Coast GuardU. S. Coast Guard AcademyBears7/11Luke Zylinski '26Sarah Krajewski '26
Bradley Whiteway '26Gavin VanManen '27
Kevin Gosselin '27Jin Johnson '24
6YaleYale UniversityBulldogs4/14Megan Grimes '24Julia Miller '26
Alex Adams '26Mary Madaus '25
Mathias Reimer '27Ariana Borut '27
7DartmouthDartmouth CollegeBig Green2/16Oliver Hurwitz '25Vivian Heitkoetter '27
Ben Sheppard '27Sophie Menyhart '27
Ava Hurwitz '27Will Eggena '27
Xander Dalke '27
*Number of races won when tied teams met (6)
**Number of races won when tied teams met (5)
bNumber of races won when tied teams met (4)