The Wood Trophy


Saturday, March 12:

Today was a great day on the Charles, with a combination of sunshine, rain, snow, and plenty of breeze. We were able to complete a full round robin followed by most of a top four round robin. Two races were re-sailed due to breakdowns. Congrats to Tufts for sailing to 7-0 in the full round.

Thank you to the many individuals who helped move marks, score finishes, assist as safety boat, or hear protests: Cordelia Burn ‘25, Cindy Tian ‘23, Sarah Burn ‘24, Paul Kuechler ‘22, Matt Cabot ‘24, Alexandra Dorofeev ‘25, Ariel Wang ‘23, Bern Noack, Mike Kalin (ICSA Representative), Moose McClintock, Stu McNay, and Austen Freda.

Thank you to all the sailors for the great team racing in challenging conditions - and for keeping spirits high throughout the day.

Racing tomorrow will be determined in the morning. If conditions allow, the top four teams will finish their round robin and sail an additional round robin. The bottom four teams will not sail.

Kevin Coakley ‘18

Sunday, March 13:

No sailing on Sunday due to weather conditions and safety concerns. The races sailed in the Top 4 round will not count because the round was not completed. Congratulations to the Tufts Jumbos for winning the 2022 Wood Trophy!

Kevin Coakley ‘18

Final Results

1TuftsTufts UniversityJumbos7/0Samuel Merson '22Celia Byrne '24
Alex Fasolo '22Amelia Carlson '24
Ansgar Jordan '22George Sidamon-Eristoff '22
Ann Sheridan '22
2BrownBrown UniversityBears6/1Olivia Belda '22Madeleine McGrath '22
Jack Murphy '22Madeleine Montagner '22
Connor Nelson '24Julia Reynolds '22
3MITMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyEngineers5/2John Ped '21Abigail VanLonkhuyzen '23
Maks Groom '24Jeremy McCulloch '22
Sam Bruce '24Samantha Karlson '25
Nicholas Abate '25
Maaya Prasad '22
Julius Heitkoetter '25
*4HarvardHarvard UniversityCrimson3/4Eric Hansen '23Ariel Wang '23
Dylan Ascencios '24Corinne Lee '23
Sarah Burn '24Alexandra Dorofeev '25
Cordelia Burn '25Matthew Cabot '24
Paul Kuechler '22
**5NortheasternNortheastern UniversityHuskies3/4Adrian van der Wal '22Emma Cole '25
Ted Bjerregaard '23Abigail Thress '24
Caleb Niles '22Reid Wishner '24
b6Rhode IslandUniversity of Rhode IslandRams3/4Aidan naughton '22Taylor Borges '22
Parker Colantuono '22Clare Laroche '23
Joshua Bartoszuk '25Sadie Thomas '25
7VermontUniversity of VermontCatamounts1/6Christian Cushman '25Lilia Hutchins '23
Grace Gear '23Charles Morris '25
Elizabeth Amelotte '24Madeline Kerr '23
Calvin Lamosse '25
8NorthwesternNorthwestern UniversityWildcats0/7Thomas Quinn '22Eva Bambakidis '22
Nikolas Chambers '23Lillian Nemeth '22
Marina Hutzler '23Avery Zieper '22
*Total points scored when tied teams met (17)
**Total points scored when tied teams met (22)
bTotal points scored when tied teams met (24)