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Scores for Division A

1Cal MaritimeCalifornia Maritime Academy21Jacob Fisker-Andersen '21
Keelhaulers 2Cyrus Khaleeli '24
2Southern CalUniversity of Southern California23Joseph Hou '22
TrojansRachel Leipold '22
3Cal MaritimeCalifornia Maritime Academy28Brock Paquin '22
Keelhaulers 1madeline rivera '22
4San Diego StateSan Diego State University32Blake Buckner '24
Aztecs 1Ian Collignon '23
5BerkeleyUniversity of California at Berkeley34Will Cornell '25
BearsBeck Boyea '24
6UC Los AngelesUniversity of California at Los Angeles50Gideon Burnes Heath '23
Bruins 2Mary Jane Howland '22
7Cal PolyCal Poly University S.L.O.61Kai Ponting '23
MustangsAlexis Di Stefano '25
8Cal MaritimeCalifornia Maritime Academy68Charles Bedford '24
Keelhaulers 3Garrett Wymer '22
9UC Los AngelesUniversity of California at Los Angeles72Zack Taylor '23
Bruins 4Teresa Dang '24
10UC DavisUniversity of California at Davis76Braedon Hansen '25
Aggies 1Sarah Puts '221-4,7
Bridget Barclay '235-6
11UC San DiegoUniversity of California at San Diego78John Alexander '24
Sun GodsBella Valente '24
12UC San DiegoUniversity of California at San Diego80Noah Barton '23
TritonsDrake Coy '23
13UC IrvineUniversity of California at Irvine103Amir Tadros '23
AnteatersAyaan Dhir '25
14UC Santa CruzUniversity of California at Santa Cruz105Marcus Leitner '22
Banana SlugsBlake Roberts '25
*15San Diego StateSan Diego State University106Tegan Smith '241-2
Christopher Hopkins '253-4
Elizabeth Crager '25 *5-7
Aztecs 2Christopher Hopkins '251-2,7
Tegan Smith '243-6
*16UC Los AngelesUniversity of California at Los Angeles106David Spector '25
Bruins 1Fiona Perkocha '251-2,5-6
Ali Dimitreli '253-4,7
17Arizona StateArizona State University112Aidan Boylan '24
Sun Devils 1Zacarias Valencia '241-4
Charlotte Sandy '22 *5-7
*18UC San DiegoUniversity of California at San Diego116Tobie Bloom '23
RaccoonsRylee Hickey '25
*19UC DavisUniversity of California at Davis116Jonah Brees '23
Aggies 2cecilia rothman-salado '241-2,7
Aryaman Patel '243-6
20UC San DiegoUniversity of California at San Diego126Sean Lipps '241-4
Stephen Burt '235-7
KrakenJoseph Weil '24
21Cal PolyCal Poly University S.L.O.141Walden Hillegass '23
ColtsColin Thompson '25
22UC Los AngelesUniversity of California at Los Angeles148Deven Douglas '22
Bruins 3John Gallagher '241-2,5-6
Aidan Araoz '253-4,7
23Cal PolyCal Poly University S.L.O.151Karl McCombie '23
FoalsMarie Friauf '231-2,5-6
Emily Yong '253-4,7
24UC DavisUniversity of California at Davis163Nicole Pavlovich '22
Aggies 3Xavier Garcia '23 *
25Arizona StateArizona State University165Sean Kenealy '251-4
Gage Reitzel '225-7
Sun Devils 2Stian Klype '221-2
Maxwell Yarter '223-4
Noah Lovelace '255-7
*Head-to-head tiebreaker

Score history

The following chart shows the relative rank of the teams as of the race indicated.

The first place team as of a given race will always be at the top of the chart. The spacing from one team to the next shows relative gains/losses made from one race to the next. You may hover over the data points to display the total score as of that race.

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