Cal Team Race


Saturday, March 1:

Saturday, March 1st

The day started out promising, with a strong southeasterly wind coming in while everyone rigged at the docks, but soon after launching it became apparent that it was going to be a shifty day. Various cells were moving through, and the wind remained relatively light for the rest of the day, with shifts coming from all directions. The racecourse ended up going through a 360-degree rotation, with much of the day spent adapting the course to the shifts. Given this, it was impressive that everyone managed to pull off almost half of the races in the first round robin over the course of the day.

Sunday, March 2:

Sunday, March 2nd

Sunday ended up being a much more productive day for sailing, with the breeze eventually clocking around to a steady west/southwesterly of 10-15 kts. We managed to accomplish the other half of the first round robin in only a few hours, but unfortunately we were not left with enough time to complete a second round. Instead, the race committee decided to run two playoff brackets, one for the top and bottom four seeded teams from the round robin respectively. All in all, it ended up being a great day for team racing, finished off by some closely-matched finals.

Final Results

*1BerkeleyUniversity of California at BerkeleyGolden Bears 16/1Jacob Hiew '15Lauren Rehbein '16
Travis Benton '14Ethan Pawson '14
Dylan Skeffington '14Katheryn Bell '16
**2UC Santa BarbaraUniversity of California at Santa BarbaraGauchos 17/0Cobi Allen '16Samantha Solem '15
Remy Margerum '17Kevin Leddy '17
Joseph Schiff '17Jacqueline Wetzel '16
b3UC DavisUniversity of California at DavisAggies5/2Daniel Baldassare '15Hayley Palmer '17
Lucas Murray '15Natasha Jarett '14
William Emberley '16Desmond Krueger '14
c4UC Santa BarbaraUniversity of California at Santa BarbaraGauchos 24/3Hayden Christensen '17Ellen Gable '17
Lucas Ryder '16Noah Eckhous '15
Gregory Coumes '17Paige Tripp '17
d5BerkeleyUniversity of California at BerkeleyGolden Bears 21/6Saul Rosen '15Lauren Stefanowski '17
Tyler Hogan '17Samantha Marsland '15
Ian Markowitz '17Zachary Brown '17
Eric Witte '17Greg Martin '15
Ted Chavkin '14
Kelly Goodman '14
e6Monterey BayCalifornia State University Monterey BayOtters3/4Mark Hurdle '13Lauren Orloff '16
Olivia Gibbons '17Christina Stege '14
Jacob Garcia '15Claudia Marino '17
Levi Matsushima '17
Kevin Critchlow '16
f7UC San DiegoUniversity of California at San DiegoTritons1/6Christopher Keefe '14Alex Sinclair '16
Brett Farrell '17Hayley Chong '17
Jiachao Yang '15Samuel Rohrbach '17
g8UC IrvineUniversity of California at IrvineAnteaters1/6Bridget Steiner '14Keith Branson '15
Ellen Suder '16Alex Heide '15 *
James Heller '15Yuhui Jin '15 *
*Won finals in Bracket A
**Lost finals in Bracket A
bLost semifinal in Bracket A, but won against UCSB2 in Round Robin
cLost semifinal in Bracket A
dWon finals in Bracket B
eLost finals in Bracket B
fLost semifinal in Bracket B
gForfeited semifinal in Bracket B