Dave Perry Team Race


Saturday, October 26:

Beautiful sailing out on the Long Island Sound. 4-8 knots out the North-North East, slowly shifting to the North East by the end of the day. Format was a double round robin with a knock-out round of the top 4 teams, first to 2 wins (or best of 3 races).

In the first knock-out we had Brown vs Conn College, with the Bears winning 2-0. In the 2nd knock-out, Yale beat Tufts 2-1.

We had a petit-final for 3rd place with Tufts coming out ahead with a 2-1 record.

In the finals, Brown and Yale matched up. In the first race, 4 of the 6 boats were over, two from each team. It seemed that Yale had control of the race by Mark 1 and remained in a winning combination throughout. In the 2nd race of the finals, Brown was leading at Mark 1 & 2 in a Play 2 combination. By Mark 3, Yale somehow turned it around to a 1,2,6 and managed to hold on to the Play 1 across the finish line to win the the Dave Perry Team Race.

Thank you to Yale undergrad, Jacob Asher, for setting marks and recording finishes. We wouldn't have been able to get off 13 races or so per team in one day with his help.

Final Results

*1YaleYale UniversityBulldogs 16/2Dylan DiMarchi '20Anisha Arcot '22
Nicholas Marwell '21Helena Ware '22
Nicholas Davies '23Catherine Mollerus '21
2BrownBrown UniversityBears8/0Jack Murphy '22Mo Liu '22
Tucker Weed '22Sawyer Balint '20
Rachel Foster '20Blaire McCarthy '22
3TuftsTufts UniversityJumbos3/5Austen Freda '21Lindsay Powers '21
Ryutaro Sochi '22Mallory Hood '22
Wells Drayton '21Audrey Becker '22
4Connecticut CollegeConnecticut CollegeCamels2/6Gordon Gurnell '22Katherine Wetzel '23
William Bedford '22Elizabeth Davis '21
Harris Padegs '22Marion Lemay '20
5YaleYale UniversityBulldogs 21/7Megan Grimes '23Becca Rose '21
Christophe Chaumont '22Alexandra Contomichalos '22
Sam Tobin '22Mina Cezairli '21
*Winner of Knock-out round