MAISA North Qualifier


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

ColgateColgate Raiders113355
ColumbiaColumbia Lions224466
CornellCornell Big Red335577
FordhamFordham Rams446688
GannonGannon Knights557799
Hobart & William SmHobart & William Sm Statesmen66881010
Queen'sQueen's Gaels77991111
NY MaritimeNY Maritime Privateers8810101212
SyracuseSyracuse Orange9911111313
ArmyArmy Black Knights101012121414
BuffaloBuffalo Bulls111113131515
OttawaOttawa uOttawa sailing1212141411
U. RochesterU. Rochester Yellowjackets1313151522
U TorontoU Toronto True Blue14141133
Webb InstituteWebb Institute Clippers15152244

B Division

ColgateColgate Raiders224466
ColumbiaColumbia Lions335577
CornellCornell Big Red446688
FordhamFordham Rams557799
GannonGannon Knights66881010
Hobart & William SmHobart & William Sm Statesmen77991111
Queen'sQueen's Gaels8810101212
NY MaritimeNY Maritime Privateers9911111313
SyracuseSyracuse Orange101012121414
ArmyArmy Black Knights111113131515
BuffaloBuffalo Bulls1212141411
OttawaOttawa uOttawa sailing1313151522
U. RochesterU. Rochester Yellowjackets14141133
U TorontoU Toronto True Blue15152244
Webb InstituteWebb Institute Clippers113355