Streufert Team Race


Saturday, September 20:

It was a beautiful day on Wayzata Bay for a team racing event! With the wind at about 10 knots, it was a great way to kick off team racing in the MCSA. Because we are privileged with one year old 420Zs and out of the bag new sets of sails, we were able to have all 6 teams out on the water at once, 18 boats, with rotations after every round. After a day of great food, great company, and great sailing, Wisconsin is leading with a record of 10-0, followed by Minnesota with a record of 8-2.

Sunday, September 21:

Another beautiful day on Wayzata Bay, a little more chilly than yesterday with higher gusts. With only one rotation left, the teams were able to finish racing before noon! It was a sight to see all of the 420Zs on the water at once, no rotating, for quick racing. At the end of the day, Wisconsin 1 walked away with a 1st place and a record of 14-2, Minnesota Maroon with a record of 12-3, and Badgers 2 with a record of 10-5. The Gophers thank Wisconsin for attending our regatta in force, we hope to see more MCSA teams here next year.

Final Results

1WisconsinUniversity of WisconsinBadgers 114/1Soren Walljasper '17Virginia Debbink '16
Charles Bocklet '17Kelsea Kierstead '15
Laura Wefer '16Jennifer Burke '16
2MinnesotaUniversity of MinnesotaGopher Maroon12/3Emily Oltrogge '15Emily Johnson '16
Alison Kent '16Cailin Oakes '18
Isabella Hamilton '17Michael Capper '15
3WisconsinUniversity of WisconsinBadgers 210/5Peter Grimmer '16Laurel Stutz '17
Ian Norman '18Caya McFalls '16
Nathan Jamieson '17Elizabeth Ciborowski '17
4WisconsinUniversity of WisconsinBadgers 36/9Ian Walter '16Alexandra Manning '17
Amelia Shankwitz '17Ryan Stowe '17
James Sitter '17Korina Hendricks '17
5WisconsinUniversity of WisconsinBadgers 43/12Kate Hayes '16Mason Engnes '17
Erik Elliott '17Alexander Jedrzejczak '18
Brian Tobelmann '18Thaddeus Brown '18
6MinnesotaUniversity of MinnesotaGopher Gold0/15Eric Villadsen '17Ce Chen '16
John O'Leary '16Elizabeth Fennewald '18
Teresa Westin '16Samuel Burciaga '16