John Jackson Memorial Team Race


Saturday, March 9:

Rainy weather but great sailing today on the Potomac River. Races started promptly at 950am in an East wind of 5-12mph. Near the end of the first round the wind shut off. It came in briefly to finish round 1 and sail a few races in round two then shut off completely at 415pm when racing was called for the day. Many thanks to the Georgetown undergrads for running the races. Thanks to PRO Bekah Morrison “23 and umpires Pete Fanta, Wills Cook, Marley Mais, Cam Costello, Joe Coyne and Nathaniel Winters.

The plan for tomorrow is to finish the 2nd round and sail a final four and consolation four.

Sunday, March 10:

The intention was to finish the 2nd round of 8 and do a top and bottom 4. Races started promptly at 950am. Wind was WNW and puffy and shifty ranging from 12-25. During Race 44 BC vs. ODU a 48 knot puff rolled down the course and wiped most of the fleet out. With 2 bent masts and lots of mud on sails we sent everyone in and then waited to see if the wind would lessen. By 12pm winds were still gusting over 40 and decided to stop racing for the day. Thanks to all the teams and coaches for attending this event named in honor of former Georgetown Sailing John Jackson Georgetown class of 2003.

Congrats to the Georgetown Hoyas for winning the event.

Thanks to the Hoya Undergrads and Bekah Morrison '23 for running the races. Thanks to our umpires Pete Fanta, Wills Cook, Marley Mais, Gwynie Dunlevy, Joe Coyne and Nathaniel Winters.

Final Results

1GeorgetownGeorgetown UniversityHoyas7/0Mariner Fagan '24Emily Panarella '24
Mateo Di Blasi '25Addi Harris '24
Diego Escobar '25Caro Gaston '25
2Boston CollegeBoston CollegeEagles6/1Colleen O'Brien '24Matt Budington '25
Michael Kirkman '25Sara Schumann '25
Peter Joslin '26Lourdes Gallo '24
Peter Busch '26
3Old DominionOld Dominion UniversityMonarchs5/2Parker Purrington '24Cadence Goodnight '26
Diogo Silva '26Ethan Tutt '24
Noyl Odom '24Parker Younger '24
4TulaneTulane UniversityGreen Wave4/3Zander King '25Alex Makoid '25
Kelly Holthus '27Gillian Perrell '24
Hamilton Barclay '27CJ Ricci '25
5PennsylvaniaUniversity of PennsylvaniaQuakers3/4Benjamin Honig '26Caroline Dannacher '25
Jackson McAliley '27Joshua Zeelander '24
Jordan Bruce '24Shaanti Choi-Bose '24
6FordhamFordham UniversityRams2/5Beckett Kumler '24Ashley Abboud '26
Connor Bennett '26Ava Brimicombe '25
Peter Lobaugh '24Kristen Healy '24
Jacob Zils '27Bella Rabeni '24
7Connecticut CollegeConnecticut CollegeCamels1/6Ryan Mckinney '24Vivian Smith '27
Charles Bresnahan '24Cecilia Bohan '24
Wade Anthony '24Renee Smith '24
Andrew Powers '24Ashley Breyer '24
8VermontUniversity of VermontCatamounts0/7Calvin Lamosse '25Will Broseman '26
Cooper Smith '27campbell mcclellan '26
Zachary Amelotte '27Maddy Saffer '24
Elizabeth Amelotte '24Alex Boni '25
Gavin Sanborn '25Brooke Willke '24