Graham Hall Team Race


Saturday, March 16:

Due to construction in and around Santee Basin at the US Naval Academy, the 2024 Graham Hall Team Race was held out of Annapolis Sailing School off Bembe Beach. Saturday was a beautiful day, with sunny skies and temperatures in the 60s. We tried to start racing relatively on time in a light northwesterly, but after only 5 races it became un-sailable. After a short wait, a terrific southeasterly sea breeze filled in which built to the mid teems by the end of the day. PRO Gavin O'Hare did a great job of getting off races and ChUmp Jeff Borland and his team of 18 umpires kept the racing clean. In the end 84 races were complete by 5 PM.

Sunday, March 17:

Sunday was another beautiful day and just like the day before, it started off with a very light and unstable northerly. After a delay on shore, a light southeasterly filled and built, providing some great racing. The round robin finished up at around 2 PM, leaving just enough time to squeeze in a final 4 round. A huge thanks to the many volunteers on RC and umpiring for helping to make this event a success. Congratulations to the Harvard Crimson for the win.

Final Results

1HarvardHarvard UniversityCrimson17/1Justin Callahan '26Kennedy Leehealey '26
Robby Meek '27Marbella Marlo '24
Lachlain McGranahan '24Alexandra Dorofeev '25
Mitchell Callahan '26
2YaleYale UniversityBulldogs15/3Jack Egan '25Elle Sykes '27
Stephan Baker '26Ashley Highland '27
Teddy Nicolosi '24Carmen Berg '26
Morgan Pinckney '27Jessi Avila-Shah '25
Nathan Sih '25
3BrownBrown UniversityBears14/4Guthrie Braun '26Emily Mueller '25
Cam Spriggs '27Caroline Keeffe-Jones '26
Liam O'Keefe '26Savannah Young '25
Connor Nelson '24Vera Allen '27
4GeorgetownGeorgetown UniversityHoyas12/6Mariner Fagan '24Emily Panarella '24
Mateo Di Blasi '25Spencer Kriegstein '25
Diego Escobar '25Addi Harris '24
Enzo Menditto '26Caro Gaston '25
5St. Mary'sSt. Mary's College of MarylandSeahawks11/4Charlie Anderson '25Katherine Shermock '24
Madison Bashaw '24Rachel O'Neill '24
Owen Hennessey '25Raam Fox '26
Zoe Hoctor '25
6NavyU. S. Naval AcademyMidshipmen10/5Jack Welburn '26Ellie Alex '26
Eva Blauvelt '25Ryan Wahba '25
Nathan Smith '26Darby Graham '26
Henry Allgeier '27Madeline Smith '24
7CharlestonCollege of CharlestonCougars8/7Benjamin Dufour '26Noelle Owen '24
Axel Stordahl '24Andrea Melnik '27
Noah Zittrer '26Lucy Klempen '24
Brandon Geller '23
*8CornellCornell UniversityBig Red6/9Bridget Green '25Sophia Mulvania '26
Sophia Devling '26Kate Moran '27
Sophia Devling '26Sophia Pearce '26
Lauren Ehnot '24Amelia Neumann '25
Winborne Majette '27
**9Old DominionOld Dominion UniversityMonarchs6/9Parker Purrington '24Asianna Acosta '26
Diogo Silva '26Cadence Goodnight '26
Noyl Odom '24Ethan Tutt '24
Parker Younger '24
b10TulaneTulane UniversityGreen Wave6/9Hamilton Barclay '27CJ Ricci '25
Zander King '25Alex Makoid '25
Kelly Holthus '27Gillian Perrell '24
Abigail Borggaard '24
*11TuftsTufts UniversityJumbos5/10Trevor Davis '24Celia Byrne '24
Wyatt Bischoff '27William Eykyn '25
Ben Mueller '26Cindy Wang '25
Henry Tindall '25
**12Hobart & WilliamHobart and William Smith CollegesStatesmen5/10Will Murray '24Frances Depke '25
Juan Carlos LaCerda Jones '26Rachel Duggan '25
JJ Klempen '27Anna McBride '24
b13PennsylvaniaUniversity of PennsylvaniaQuakers5/10Cole Woodworth '26Caroline Dannacher '25
Torrey Chisari '24Kiki Bruzzi '25
Jackson McAliley '27Joshua Zeelander '24
Madeleine Rice '24Anna Hoffman '26
Benjamin Honig '26Shaanti Choi-Bose '24
Jordan Bruce '24
14FordhamFordham UniversityRams3/12Connor Bennett '26Ava Brimicombe '25
Beckett Kumler '24Rebecca Keller '25
Peter Lobaugh '24Kristen Healy '24
Jacob Zils '27Bella Rabeni '24
15George WashingtonGeorge Washington UniversityRevolutionaries2/13Oscar MacGillivray '24Sam Schuhwerk '27
Jedidiah Bechtel '26Ian Milko '26
Tyler Wood '26Andre Bochat '27
Avery Slayton '27
16NY MaritimeSUNY Maritime CollegePrivateers1/14Spencer Barnes '24Marcus Adam '23
Brooks Turcotte '26Eva Leggett '24
Ben Hosford '25Nicholas Cunha '27
*Number of races won when tied teams met (2)
**Number of races won when tied teams met (1)
bNumber of races won when tied teams met (0)