Yale Women's Team Race


Saturday, April 8:

We sailed a few races in a dying and very unstable northerly which conveniently incompletely died for a nice lunch break. The rest of the day we sailed in a cold but beautiful 10-15 knot southerly which allowed us to complete round 1 at 6:30pm. Many thanks to our umpires Graham Landy(CHUMP), Marly Isler, Steve Kirkpatrick, George Atwood, Chrissie Klingler, Meredith Killion, George Eristoff and Sam Merson.

Sunday, April 9:

Very similar to day one with a few races completed in a very unstable northerly with a little more east in it. This breeze quickly stabilized into another beautiful day of sailing. the breeze was more easterly that shifted right all day. The velocity was again 10-15 knots. The last race of the second round was started at 2:58pm. Phew! However, there was a three way tie for first place. According to the ICSA procedural rules, we had to break the tie with a sail off on Easter Sunday. Stanford went 2-0 and won the event, Yale went 1-1 and finished second and Brown went 0-2 and finished third. Again, we could not have run this fantastic event without our very qualified umpire crew who added Peter Isler '76 to the team for the day.

Final Results

*1StanfordStanford UniversityCardinal11/3Vanessa Lahrkamp '26Abigail Tindall '23
Ellie Harned '26Patricia Gerli '23
Sophie Fisher '26AnaClare Sole '23
**2YaleYale UniversityBulldogs11/3Mia Nicolosi '25Ximena Escobar '25
Megan Grimes '24Sarah Moeder '26
Emma Cowles '25Helena Ware '23
Carmen Cowles '25Carmen Berg '26
b3BrownBrown UniversityBears11/3Brielle Willoughby '24Emilia Ruth '23
Blaire McCarthy '23Brianna Ross '26
Caroline Bayless '23Savannah Young '25
Helen Horangic '25
4MITMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyEngineers9/5Brooke Schmelz '25Samantha Karlson '25
Dana Haig '22Mercedes Escandon '25
Lucy Brock '25Shayne Bersin '25
Emily Scherer '23Grace Mao '23
Emily Scherer '23
Zoe Fisher '23
5DartmouthDartmouth CollegeBig Green6/8Gray Hemans '25Caroline Oyster '24
Taylor Eastman '24Eliza Crocker '23
bella casaretto '26Alexandra Pierce '25
Sarah Young '25Maya Nguyen '24
6CornellCornell UniversityBig Red5/9Bridget Green '25Gabbi DelBello '23
Sophia Devling '26Sophia Pearce '26
Meredith Moran '23Amelia Neumann '25
J.J. Smith '24Lucija Ruzevic '24
Sophia Fogarty '25
7BowdoinBowdoin CollegePolar Bears3/11Kyra Phelan '26Brooke Asherman '23
Elizabeth Kaplan '23Holliss Hirsch '25
Lauren Russler '26Luisa Louchheim '25
8TuftsTufts UniversityJumbos0/14Chloe Holder '23Annabel De Alessi '25
Ella Hubbard '26Alessandra Torres '24
Samantha Jensen '24Maisie MacGillivray '25
Phyllis Ladd '26
*Number of races won when tied teams met (4)
**Number of races won when tied teams met (3)
bNumber of races won when tied teams met (2)