Island Cup


Saturday, April 29:

After some delay, racing started at 11:30am in 5-7knts of SSE wind and sunshine that continued throughout the day. Wind lightened up around halfway through the day, slowing down rotations, but picked back up to finish the day out. Direction of breeze was fairly consistent, requiring few course adjustments. Thank you to our volunteer race committee for spending the day on the water and to shoreside support for lunch!

Sunday, April 30:

Racing was postponed at 10:30am to wait for more consistent breeze to fill in. Racing started around 11:50am but continued to be light and shifty throughout the day, requiring course changes and causing some races to need to be abandoned and restarted. Racing ended around 2:30pm due to a lack of wind. A round robin was not completed, however a total of 48 races were sailed over the weekend resulting in lots of time on the water. Thanks you to our PRO Taylor Smith, and our volunteer race committee including Cooper, Sam, Cam, Kira, Bayard, and the Orcas high school sailing team. Thank you also to Julia Soes of Sail Orcas for helping organize and host the regatta!

Final Results

1WashingtonUniversity of WashingtonHuskies 35/1Samuel Delasanta '24Duncan Weiner '24
Aragorn Crozier '24Grace Smith '24
Emily Smith '25Brianne Abbott-Rogge '25
*2Western WashingtonWestern Washington UniversityVikings 65/2
**3Western WashingtonWestern Washington UniversityVikings 45/2Nathan Gerber '26Kathryn Drennan '26
Lucas Burzycki '23Calvin Blaser '25
Tyler Nolasco '23Kerry Wier '25
b4WashingtonUniversity of WashingtonHuskies 15/2Thomas Pentimonti '24Maya Outhred '24
Erin Pamplin '24Julia Oglevie '26
Maxwell Miller '25amelia kau '23
b4Western WashingtonWestern Washington UniversityVikings 55/2
6Western WashingtonWestern Washington UniversityVikings 14/3Dalton Lovett '25Christa Robertson '24
Anna Morrow '23Ella Barnard '24
Maxwell Dodd '23Julia Grams '24
Eric Newell '24
7Western WashingtonWestern Washington UniversityVikings 33/4Soren Althoff '26Matthew Lindburg '25
Kurtis Johnston '26Lucas Schadewitz '24
Zoe Plattner '23 *Aliyah Dodge '25
**8Western WashingtonWestern Washington UniversityVikings 22/5Caroline Hurley '25Piper Easton '26
Malcolm Duncan Graves '24Carolyn Harmon '26
Leopold Sabharwal '25 *Maya Giss '24
b9Oregon StateOregon State UniversityBeavers2/5Ethan Wickman '25Paul Schreiner '22 *
Austin Victer '25Quincy Spurlock '24
Stella Doehring '25Liam Brinton '22
b9WashingtonUniversity of WashingtonHuskies 22/5Jaden Unruh '26Henry Stier '23
Lauren McClintock '25Ethan Eschbach '25
Benjamin Luu '26Judah Wong '24
11Western WashingtonWestern Washington UniversityVikings 71/5
b12OregonUniversity of OregonDucks1/6Emily Avey '25Aidan Clark '24
John Kish '23Trevor Skeffington '25 *
Sadie Creemer '25Jacob Matyas '23
Foster Hobbs '25
Elisabeth Schreiner '25
Haley (Mae) Lohf '26
b12Portland StatePortland State UniversityVikings1/6
c14VictoriaUniversity of VictoriaVikes1/6
*Number of races won when tied teams met (2)
**Number of races won when tied teams met (1)
bTie stands
cNumber of races won when tied teams met (0)