Dellenbaugh Women's Team Race Trophy


Saturday, April 1:

The high wind forecast predicted all week didn't materialize on day one of the Dellenbaugh Women's Team Race Trophy. Instead, competitors sailed in ideal team race conditions of 8-12 knots all day out of the southwest with a few bigger puffs. It was shifty at times, especially on the second beats closer to the shore. 54 races were sailed in Zim 420e's and FJs. One breakdown was granted for a resail between Dartmouth and MIT.

Sunday, April 2:

It wouldn't be the Dellenbaugh without a windy day of racing. Today delivered, with a brisk northwesterly at 15-20 knots with some bigger puffs and shifty conditions. Racing took place right off the docks. A resail between MIT and Dartmouth began the day at 10:15am. The first round robin of all 12 teams was completed by noon, 66 races total in both Zim 420e's and FJs. There was a long break after the round robin for a redress hearing for a breakdown that delayed the start of any further racing. The redress was denied and a final four and three-way sail-off for 5th place were sailed from 1:15-3pm in 420e's. We were one flight short of getting in a second final four due to the 3pm cutoff for a start. The second final four race between Brown and Yale was used as a sail-off to determine the overall winner, with Brown winning a real close one at the finish to win the 2023 Dellenbaugh Women's Team Race Trophy.

A huge thanks to everyone who helped make the Dellenbaugh Women's Team Race happen: PRO: Michael Zonnenberg Race Committee/Land Support: John Mastrandrea '20 and Brown Sailors Sierra Bornheim '24, Talia Levine '26, Lucian Sharpe '24, Carly Costikyan '24, Tommy Styron '24, Connor Macken '24, Menasha Leport '25, Catherine Morrissette '24, and Mason Stang '25. ICSA Representative: Justin Assad (Dartmouth Coach) Photographer: Rob Migliaccio Powerboats: Dartmouth and the Moses Brown School Umpires: Bob Austin-Lafrance (Chief Umpire), Gloria Kevliciute, Julia Reynolds, Olivia Belda, Madeline McGrath, Jack Murphy, and Pearson Potts

Final Results

*1BrownBrown UniversityBears12/2Brielle Willoughby '24Emilia Ruth '23
Blaire McCarthy '23Francesca Edmands '25
Caroline Bayless '23Savannah Young '25
Kaitlyn Hamilton '26
Helen Horangic '25
**2YaleYale UniversityBulldogs12/2Mia Nicolosi '25Ximena Escobar '25
Emma Cowles '25Sarah Moeder '26
Carmen Cowles '25Helena Ware '23
Carmen Berg '26
Megan Grimes '24
3TulaneTulane UniversityGreen Wave10/4Caroline Benson '23Abigail Borggaard '24
Mia Hanes '24Ellie Spearman '25
Ciara Rodriguez-Horan '22Megan Cassidy '26
Essie Clifton '25
Annie Richard '23
Lydia Brown '23
Catherine Anderson '26
4MITMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyEngineers8/6Brooke Schmelz '25Samantha Karlson '25
Dana Haig '22Mercedes Escandon '25
Emily Scherer '23Brooke Barry '26
Lucy Brock '25Shayne Bersin '25
Grace Mao '23
Emily Scherer '23
b5StanfordStanford UniversityCardinal6/5Ellie Harned '26Grace Austin '24
Hannah Freeman '24Abigail Tindall '23
Sophie Fisher '26AnaClare Sole '23
*6Coast GuardU. S. Coast Guard AcademyBears6/5Emily Bornarth '24Mia Quinlan '24
Emma Snead '23Laura Slovensky '25
Julia Conneely '26Leonora Krajewski '23
Celia Houston '25
**7HarvardHarvard UniversityCrimson6/5Cordelia Burn '25Margo Silliman '25
Marbella Marlo '24Corinne Lee '23
Sarah Burn '24Juliana Ruggieri '23
Lily Bartlett '24
Sophia Montgomery '25
8DartmouthDartmouth CollegeBig Green5/6Gray Hemans '25Caroline Oyster '24
Sarah Young '25Maya Nguyen '24
bella casaretto '26Taylor Eastman '24
Taylor Eastman '24Alexandra Pierce '25
Eliza Crocker '23
Phoebe Lee '26
Phoebe Lee '26
Madeleine Regulla '25
9CharlestonCollege of CharlestonCougars4/7Grace Squires '24Chloe Hudgins '24
Emily Alfortish '25Rowan Schanley '24
Emma Tallman '25Roxanne Snyder '23
Fredrikke Foss '25Kalea Woodard '24
10Boston CollegeBoston CollegeEagles2/9Libby Redmond '24Katelyn McGauley '24
Elizabeth Shanahan '23Sophia Hacket '25
Katelyn McGauley '24Lourdes Gallo '24
Caroline Sibilly '26Elliot Dyroff '26
11BowdoinBowdoin CollegePolar Bears1/10Elizabeth Kaplan '23Holliss Hirsch '25
Kyra Phelan '26Brooke Asherman '23
Lauren Russler '26Luisa Louchheim '25
12South FloridaUniversity of South FloridaBulls0/11Emma Shakespeare '24Kay Brunsvold '25
Heidi Hicks '25Jewel "Min Min" Kelly '24
Sydney Monahan '23Saleta Powell '25
*Number of races won when tied teams met (2)
**Number of races won when tied teams met (1)
bNumber of races won when tied teams met (3)