Harpswell Sound Team Race


Saturday, March 26:

3 rounds were raced in a southerly at the mouth of the cove. The wind built and temperatures dropped with cloud cover.

Sunday, March 27:

After a short delay in the morning to allow the wind to settle, a fourth round was sailed in the cove with a south-southeasterly. As boats left the dock from a rotation between rounds, the wind got wonky. The course was quickly moved off the dock and a fifth round was attempted. After a few long races and seeing every direction except northeast, racing was called off for the day.

In addition to all the polar bear undergraduates who helped run racing several additional people helped. Thank you to Kevin Elk '20 for helping umpire both days, along with Taylor Martin and Charlie Welsh. Thank you to Chester Jacobs '17 and Connor Ratcliff (Eckerd '21) who umpired Sunday and Mae Speight '13 who helped on the finish boat.

Final Results

1TuftsTufts UniversityJumbos15/1Patrick Mulcahy '23Cali Salinas '23
Trevor Davis '24Henry Tindall '25
Connor Sheridan '22Harper McKerrow '23
2Boston CollegeBoston CollegeEagles9/7Michael Kirkman '25Mikayla Mathieu '22
Francis Selldorff '23Josie Warfield '23
Graham Ness '23Ginny Alex '22
3BowdoinBowdoin CollegePolar Bears7/9Benjamin Stevens '25Lucas Johnson '22
Christine Reimer '24Luisa Louchheim '25
Jonathan Chance '23Eleanor Donahue '25
Jondall Norris '25
4Maine MaritimeMaine Maritime AcademyMariners6/10Luke Healy '22Tristan Walker '22
Mott Blair '22Arden Astin '24
Olivia Mitchell '22Robert Jacobs '23
Zachary York '24Ella Beauregard '25
5VermontUniversity of VermontCatamounts3/13Charles Morris '25Henry Weese '24
Gavin Sanborn '25Alaina Vollmar '23
Luke Quine '23Alex Boni '25