Harpswell Sound team Race


Saturday, March 30:

Sailors arrived on a calm Saturday morning among the pines. After a brief competitor's meeting, teams headed down to rig their boats only to find that the little breeze that had been visible had now vanished. Luckily, a hopeful race committee ventured to set a course in "the cove" and the wind hustled back to play. After bouncing between North to East and back again, it settled Northeast for round 3. In an effort to keep racing exciting, we experienced wind ranging from 3 to 12 knots. Many races saw lead changes all around the course with many being decided at the finish. The first round was completed quickly and teams were able to rotate on the water before jumping into round 2. Everyone was happy to warm up and get some food before finishing the day with a final round 3. Even though races remained close, there were no ties after the final round.

Thank you to Rowan Byrnes '21 and his rotating polar bear squad (including Eric Hall '20) for their stellar start boat work. Peter Newstein '19 and Lucas Johnson '22 for their superb finish boat support. Also another thank you to Taylor Martin for helping keep the course square. Congrats to Tufts for winning the 2019 Harpswell Sound Team Race!

Final Results

1TuftsTufts UniversityJumbos8/1Andrew Savage '19Kahler Newsham '19
John Duncan '19Michaela Morris '20
Ryutaro Sochi '22Mallory Hood '22
2BowdoinBowdoin CollegePolar Bears7/2Emmett Ulian '19Eliza Jevon '21
John Seider '22Kevin Elk '20
Kelsey Slack '21Elijah Berger '21
Preston Anderson '22Caitlin Tardio '19
Perham Black '22Gigi Diserio '22
3Maine MaritimeMaine Maritime AcademyMariners2/7Luke Healy '22August Campbell '22
Mott Blair '22Owen White '22
Olivia Mitchell '22David Estes '22
4BatesBates CollegeBobcats1/8Jack Valentino '22Anna Landgren '22
Sarah Herde '21Sam Gilman '22
Peter Galloway '21Gillian Coyne '19