Duplin Women's Team Race


Sunday, March 24:

Nice day unlike yesterday. West winds of 8-16 shifted to the SW as the temperature climbed into the 50s

A single round-robin was followed by mini-rounds with top four and bottom four. Per agreement of all teams we stretched the time limit until 3:10 except that South Florida got out before 3:00

Huge thanks to Tufts undergrads Connor Sheridan and Taro Sochi taking all 40 finishes, Mo Liu and Maggie Veltri on scoring, and Bo Eaves and Evan Robison on dock crew.

Congrats to Brown for winning the 40th Duplin Trophy defeating an excellent team from Boston College and others.

PRO: Ken

Monday, March 25:

Tech score requires more sentences so here they are

Racing was Sunday only. No racing Saturday or Monday

Final Results

1BrownBrown UniversityBears10/0Rachel Foster '20Maxine De Havenon '19
Sophie Hibben '19Emma Montgomery '22
Olivia Belda '22Abigayle Konys '19
Annabelle Hutchinson '21
2Boston CollegeBoston CollegeEagles7/3Isabella Loosbrock '19Emma Perry '19
Emma Batcher '22Caroline Rochford '19
Sophia Reineke '21Tara Ferraris '19
3Boston UniversityBoston UniversityTerriers5/5Allison Cahn '20Megan Blagden '20
Maia Agerup '20Emily Croteau '19
Grace Mooradian '21Hannah Davis '19
4Rhode IslandUniversity of Rhode IslandRams4/6Delaney Bamford '20Taylor Borges '22
Rebecca Read '21Sage Walters '21
Meghan Haviland '22Cecilia Schneider '20
5South FloridaUniversity of South FloridaBulls5/5Delaney Brown '20Samantha Kappaz '21
Marina Barzaghi '21Darby Capellin '19
Kathryn Bornarth '21Rachel Yannelli '19
6TuftsTufts UniversityJumbos4/6Abbie Carlson '22Taylor Hart '19
Lera Anders '22Jessica Friedman '22
Talia Toland '22Ann Sheridan '22
7MITMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyEngineers3/6Annie Hughes '19Elizabeth Obermaier '21
Dana Haig '22Noa Yoder '19
Lulu Russell '22Brooke McGoldrick '20
Isabelle Yen '21
8NortheasternNortheastern UniversityHuskies1/8Carolyn Corbet '21Kelley Phippen '22
Victoria Pajak '21Coleen Ross '20
Morgan TerMaat '23Bridget Maguire '22