Big Ten Team Race


Saturday, April 7:

Everyone arrived at the lake with high spirits to sail in freezing temperatures. However, due to frozen sheets and blocks, racing was postponed until 10 and then again until 10:30. After some sun and anti-freeze, the blocks were free of ice and the sheets were ready to go.

We launched at 10:30am with the wind around 10 mph out of the west and the sun shining bright which made for great conditions. We completed a little less than half of the first round robin and had a small break for lunch.

After lunch the sun went away and the wind picked up a bit which made everything a bit colder. We sped up racing a and were able to complete the first round robin by around 4pm. We then proceeded onto the Top Four and Bottom Four. We were able to finish the Top Four and all but one flight in the Bottom Four by 5:45pm.

Thanks to all the Umps and PROs who braved the cold, and of course the sailors too! Great competitive racing today. 10am report time tomorrow. We hope to complete a second Top Four and Bottom Four if wind allows.

Sunday, April 8:

Everyone arrived at the lake around 10am eager to finish another Top 4 Bottom 4 set. Unfortunately the lake was glass-like upon arrival. Additionally, the main sheets and jib blocks were once again frozen due to freezing temperatures overnight. However, we were able to thaw everything with some fire, anti-freeze, and hot water. Once everything was thawed we waited a bit for the wind to fill in and launched at around 11am.

We started the racing with the last flight of the first Bottom 4 set that was left unfinished from yesterday. After those races, rotations were edited so that we could have two umpires for each top 4 race. Most bottom 4 races were un-umpired. With only a couple of postponements here and there due to lack of wind, we were able to complete another Top 4 Bottom 4 set by around 2pm. The wind built over the course of the day maxing out at around 7mph.

Awards were presented to Michigan (1st), Wisconsin (2nd), and Northwestern (3rd). Congrats to those teams and all other teams that participated! Big thanks to all of the umpires and PROs who made it possible to get 51 races off this weekend.

Final Results

1MichiganUniversity of MichiganWolverines 113/0Colton Gerber '18Sidney Thompson '18
August Sturm '20Sofia Gambini '19
Mason Wolters '18Michael Gapuz '18
2WisconsinUniversity of WisconsinBadgers 19/4Charles Bocklet '18Maggie Houtz '19
Charlie Kutschenreuter '19Alexander Blair '18
Noah Janssen '19Olivia Staruck '20
river carson '21
3NorthwesternNorthwestern UniversityWildcats 18/5Mark Davies '20Natalie Shilati '20
Ryder Easterlin '20Zachary Herron '18
Noah Rosenthal '18Mariel Tang '20
4WisconsinUniversity of WisconsinBadgers 24/9William Huerth '20Kate Britt '21
Katherine Zimmerman '18Hayden Frentzel '20
Scott Sazama '20Anna Thickens '21
Zach Childs '21
5MichiganUniversity of MichiganWolverines 28/5Austin Haag '20Jake Orhan '21
Connor Goulet '21Claire Foley '20
Will Neubauer '20Sarah Silvestri '19
6MarquetteMarquette UniversityGolden Eagles 17/6Bobby Sessions '20Katie Toohey '20
Mason Chrabaszcz '18Makena Walsh '21
Ryan Clulo '18Catherine Strietmann '18
7NorthwesternNorthwestern UniversityWildcats 22/11Cuyler Dull '20Jillian Rochelle '21
Margot Murray '21Pravika Joshi '21
Mitchell Moore '21caroline lesniak '21
luke choe '20
8MarquetteMarquette UniversityGolden Eagles 21/12Solomon Dworsky '21Claire Heneghan '19
Owen Bradley '18Jose Rios '18
Colin Higgins '21Frank Mazur '20