Duplin Women's Team Race


Saturday, March 25:

The 38th Joseph R. Duplin Women's team race regatta got underway after 11:30 in light air. Under an overcast sky in 40 degree temps the wind blew from the NNE most of the day. A 40 minute rain event killed the wind for a short postponement, otherwise all 45 races would have been completed. Only six races were run after the postponement leaving nine remaining in round one.

Many thanks to undergrads Bobby McLaughlin and Julien Guiot in the finish boat, and Nick Giacobbe and Emma Clutterbuck on scoring and shore crew. The Tufts women's team supplied chili for (nearly) all. Also thanks to (former and temp) Dartmouth coach John Pierce for hearing a few protests. One protest between Stanford and Harvard will be heard Sunday morning.

The intended format for Sunday is to finish the round robin (9 races) followed by a bottom four round (6 races), followed by a top six round (15 races).

PRO: Ken

Sunday, March 26:

All 66 races were completed, including the bottom four and top 6 round robins as planned. Wind was from the east at 5 to 13. Thanks to Aaron Klein, Nick Giacobbe, and Jackson McCoy for scoring and running the finish boat, and special shoutout to Nick for coming both days.

Congratulations to Yale for their win, going 12 - 2.

Final Results

1YaleYale UniversityBulldogs12/2Katharina (KB) Knapp '18Claire Huebner '18
Louisa Nordstrom '20Graceann Nicolosi '20
Christine Klingler '20Kira Woods '19
2BrownBrown UniversityBears11/3Hannah Steadman '20Maxine De Havenon '19
Lindsey Baab '18Abigayle Konys '19
Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick '17Haley Carter '17
Sophie Hibben '19
3StanfordStanford UniversityCardinal10/4Julia Lambert '18Mary Vangelos '17
Maeve White '17Meg Gerli '19
Martina Sly '19Madeline Bubb '20
4DartmouthDartmouth CollegeBig Green9/5Margaret Kilvert '18Lisa Genthner '19
Emma White '19Peninah Benjamin '20
Audrey Giblin '20Sophia Diserio '18
*5HarvardHarvard UniversityCrimson6/8Taylor Ladd '18Kirstin Anderson '18
Taylor Gavula '19Amalia Frohna '20
Lucy Wilmot '20Jessica Williams '20
**6TuftsTufts UniversityJumbos6/8Charlotte Lenz '20Julia Fuller '17
MaryClaire Kiernan '17Marisa Permatteo '19
Molly Pleskus '18Sabina Van Mell '19
7Boston CollegeBoston CollegeEagles6/6Madeleine Loosbrock '17Alice Bohan '18
Allyson Donahue '17Kyla MacLennan '18
Lily McGrath '18Megan Bamford '18
8Rhode IslandUniversity of Rhode IslandRams4/8Delaney Bamford '20Cecilia Schneider '20
Sarah Hermus '18Marisa DeCollibus '17
Kimberly Morecraft '18Alyssa Hall '20
b9FordhamFordham UniversityRams1/11Adelaide Ferguson '17Annika Ekholm '20
Grace Howie '20Gabrielle Mascio '18
Amanda Stapp '18Elizabeth Foulston '17
c10VermontUniversity of VermontCatamounts1/11Samantha Brown '19Elizabeth Holiman '20
Lindsay Doyle '18Lilla Salvesen '18
Annie Spence '20Victoria Pyne Mercier '19
*Number of races won when tied teams met (2)
**Number of races won when tied teams met (0)
bTotal points scored when tied teams met (20)
cTotal points scored when tied teams met (22)