Frank Mendelblatt Team Race


Saturday, February 22:

Rain and a lack of wind associated with a passing cold front delayed the start of racing for sailors and coaches. The front passed and left temps in the high 70's, plenty of sun and 5-8knts. Racing began around 12:30pm inside the Coast Guard Basin. 30 races were run, ranging in length from 10-14mins. Report time for tomorrow is 10 am and conditions are expected to be much like today.

Sunday, February 23:

Sunday began much as Saturday, save the rain. Sailors and coaches sailed out to the racing area half past 10, only to watch the last of the fog and SE breeze burn off. As the day continued, temperatures rose to a comfortable 76 and to beautiful seabreeze built to 12knts. An additional 3 rounds were finished before 3pm. Thank you to the Stanford Cardinals for making the long trip and added to this year's Mendelblatt.

Final Results

1South FloridaUniversity of South FloridaBulls 129/1Christopher Stocke '15Ali Yarbrough '16
Connor Brady '15Katie Berg '17
Fernando Monllor '16Rebecca Campbell '16
2South FloridaUniversity of South FloridaBulls 321/9Benjamin Mohney '15Nicole Santana '16
AJ Degen '16Kristen Walker '17
Paul Perry '15Sarah Smith '16
Mary Guidi '15
3StanfordStanford UniversityCardinal18/12Molly McKinney '14Cally Tullo '17
Sarah Mace '14Samantha Steele '16
Axel Sly '16Nicolette Obel '17
Maeve White '17McKenzie Wilson '14
*4EckerdEckerd CollegeTritons11/19Walker Banks '14Jessica Resnick '16
Robert Savoie '14Meredith Weber '14
Timothy Siemers '16Shaughnessy Lindquist '16
**4South FloridaUniversity of South FloridaBulls 211/19Dominique Wright '15Darcy Jensen '16
Alison Knoles '17Kayla Burrows '17
Charlie Bess '17Charlie Bess '17
Colleen Hartman '13Lizette Arnold '17
6South FloridaUniversity of South FloridaBulls 40/30Dean Nixon '16Lauren Youngerman '16
Richard Romer '15Sara Simon '15
Tekla Mayotte '16Thomas Hamby '15
*Number of races won when tied teams met (2)
**Number of races won when tied teams met (4)