University of South Florida Trophy


Odd-numbered teams rotate into next boat while even-numbered teams rotate into previous boat (swap) every 3 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

EckerdEckerd Tritons11133
Embry-RiddleEmbry-Riddle Eagles2221212
Florida TechFlorida Tech Panthers33355
Florida StateFlorida State Seminoles44422
JacksonvilleJacksonville Fins55577
JacksonvilleJacksonville Lady Fins66644
RollinsRollins Tars77799
U of Central FloridaU of Central Florida Knights88866
U. MiamiU. Miami Hurricanes 19991111
U. MiamiU. Miami Hurricanes 210101088
South FloridaSouth Florida Bulls Women11111111
South FloridaSouth Florida Bulls1212121010

B Division

EckerdEckerd Tritons22244
Embry-RiddleEmbry-Riddle Eagles1111111
Florida TechFlorida Tech Panthers44466
Florida StateFlorida State Seminoles33311
JacksonvilleJacksonville Fins66688
JacksonvilleJacksonville Lady Fins55533
RollinsRollins Tars8881010
U of Central FloridaU of Central Florida Knights77755
U. MiamiU. Miami Hurricanes 11010101212
U. MiamiU. Miami Hurricanes 299977
South FloridaSouth Florida Bulls Women12121222
South FloridaSouth Florida Bulls11111199