Baldwin Wood


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 3 races.

A Division

LoyolaLoyola Wolfpack111222333
Texas A&MTexas A&M Aggies 1222333444
Texas A&MTexas A&M Aggies 2333444555
TulaneTulane Green Wave444555666
TulaneTulane Riptide555666777
TulaneTulane Angry Wave Women666777888
North TexasNorth Texas Mean Green777888999
TexasTexas Longhorns 1888999101010
TexasTexas Longhorns 2999101010111111

B Division

LoyolaLoyola Wolfpack101010111111121212
Texas A&MTexas A&M Aggies 1111111121212131313
Texas A&MTexas A&M Aggies 2121212131313141414
TulaneTulane Green Wave131313141414151515
TulaneTulane Riptide141414151515161616
TulaneTulane Angry Wave Women151515161616171717
North TexasNorth Texas Mean Green161616171717181818
TexasTexas Longhorns 1171717181818111
TexasTexas Longhorns 2181818111222