Stoney Burke JV

Scores for Division B

1Cal MaritimeCalifornia Maritime Academy13Clay Myers '259
Keelhaulers 1Etienne Quille '259
2Cal PolyCal Poly University S.L.O.29Sean Ross '25
Mustangs 1Eric Wang '231-2,5-6,9
Andrew Ausonio '233-4,7-8
3WashingtonUniversity of Washington36Aragorn Crozier '24
Huskies 2Maya Outhred '241-2,5-9
Alex Vlad '233-4
4Cal MaritimeCalifornia Maritime Academy40Kawika Tumilowicz '259
Keelhaulers 2Kyle Vaughn '249
5WashingtonUniversity of Washington49Erin Pamplin '24
Huskies 1Annabelle Smith '23
6UC Santa CruzUniversity of California at Santa Cruz51Ryan Martin '231-6
karl zoghbi '227-9
Banana SlugsTravis Ackermann '23
7BerkeleyUniversity of California at Berkeley71Max Lawall '231-6
James Guiraud '217-9
BearsAdrien Stroumza '231-6
Sophia Jacobs '237-9
8UC Santa BarbaraUniversity of California at Santa Barbara72Juliet St. Germain '25
GauchosMason Schimmel '23
9UC Los AngelesUniversity of California at Los Angeles80Linnea Jackson '25
Bruins 1Aidan Araoz '251-2,5-6,9
John Gallagher '243-4,7-8
10UC San DiegoUniversity of California at San Diego84Tobie Bloom '231-8
Jonathan Hickey '239
TritonsAnnaClaire Rogness '221-4,7-9
Jonathan Hickey '235-6
11UC Los AngelesUniversity of California at Los Angeles86Deven Douglas '22
Bruins 2Teresa Dang '24
12CSU Long BeachCalifornia State University Long Beach108Emilia Anctil '25
49ersEmily Ward '23
13Cal PolyCal Poly University S.L.O.110Florence Duff '25
Mustangs 2Hudson Price '25
14Cal PolyCal Poly University S.L.O.128Macy Rowe '231-2,5-6,9
Mason James '253-4,7-8
Mustangs 3Sara Moore '24
15UC DavisUniversity of California at Davis133Shanay Patel '22
AggiesAryaman Patel '241-2,5-6,9
Soumya Duriseti '223-4,7-8
16Cal PolyCal Poly University S.L.O.135Ryan Schackel '23
Mustangs 4Walden Hillegass '231-2,5-6,9
Kelsey Byrne '253-4,7-8

Score history

The following chart shows the relative rank of the teams as of the race indicated.

The first place team as of a given race will always be at the top of the chart. The spacing from one team to the next shows relative gains/losses made from one race to the next. You may hover over the data points to display the total score as of that race.

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