Tufts Invite


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

DartmouthDartmouth Big Green 111337
DartmouthDartmouth Big Green 222668
HarvardHarvard Crimson337710
MITMIT Engineers 1668811
MITMIT Engineers 277101012
TuftsTufts Jumbos8811111
TuftsTufts Jumbalaya101012122
TuftsTufts Jumbabies1111113
U. ConnecticutU. Connecticut Huskies1212226

B Division

DartmouthDartmouth Big Green 122668
DartmouthDartmouth Big Green 2337710
HarvardHarvard Crimson668811
MITMIT Engineers 177101012
MITMIT Engineers 28811111
TuftsTufts Jumbos101012122
TuftsTufts Jumbalaya1111113
TuftsTufts Jumbabies1212226
U. ConnecticutU. Connecticut Huskies11337