Stony Brook Cup (Brendan Brown-McCue Memorial)


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 3 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

FordhamFordham Rams111333555
HamptonHampton Pirates222444666
PrincetonPrinceton Tigers333555777
RutgersRutgers Scarlet Knights444666111
Stony BrookStony Brook Seawolves555777222
SyracuseSyracuse Orange666111333
Kings PointKings Point Mariners777222444

B Division

FordhamFordham Rams222444666
HamptonHampton Pirates333555777
PrincetonPrinceton Tigers444666111
RutgersRutgers Scarlet Knights555777222
Stony BrookStony Brook Seawolves666111333
SyracuseSyracuse Orange777222444
Kings PointKings Point Mariners111333555