MAISA Open Team Race/Prosser Trophy


Saturday, April 6:

Racing began at 10:45 after a short delay to allow the gusts to drop below 30 knots. 43 races were sailed in WNW-NW 10-25 knots. There were two black flag hearings. In race 28, there was serious damage to FJ #17, resulting in 1 win deducted from Navy. In race 41, FRD #8 had 2 points added for advantage gained, however only 1 point added is reflected in the scores for that race. There was 1 request for redress in race 20 for a broken hiking strap line, which was granted, and will be re-sailed first thing Sunday. Thank you to our umpire team and Monarchs who ran the event on sea and land.

Sunday, April 7:

Racing began at 9:30 with the re-sail of race 20 in NNW 10-14 knots. Round 2 followed and was completed as the the wind became light and unstable.

Time would not allow for a triple round robin, so a top 6 round was started. 4 races into the top 6 round, the effort was abandoned at 2:45 due lack of time remaining to complete a partial round (80%).

Thank you to Norfolk Yacht and Country Club for lending umpire boats, and to the Umpire team: Christine Accetella (ChUmp), Carter Little, Jeff Borland, Sandy Grovsner, Vicki Sodaro, Steve Sparkman(Sun.), Jerry Thompson, Jeremy Herrin, Anna Patterson (Sat.) and Alex Kitay. Congratulations to the Georgetown Hoyas for qualifying for 2024 ICSA Open Team Race National Championships.

Photos from the weekend can be found here:

Final Results

*1GeorgetownGeorgetown UniversityHoyas12/2Mariner Fagan '24Xavier Stoldt '26
Mateo Di Blasi '25Vaughn Slatoff '26
Diego Escobar '25Emily Panarella '24
Enzo Menditto '26Spencer Kriegstein '25
Lucy Jervis '27
Anna Brzezinski '27
Addi Harris '24
Caro Gaston '25
**2NavyU. S. Naval AcademyMidshipmen12/1Jack Welburn '26Hunter Anderson '24
Nathan Smith '26Madeline Smith '24
Henry Allgeier '27Ellie Alex '26
Ryan Wahba '25
Darby Graham '26
Tanner Kelly '25
3St. Mary'sSt. Mary's College of MarylandSeahawks11/3Charlie Anderson '25Katherine Shermock '24
Madison Bashaw '24Dexter Mueller '24
Owen Hennessey '25Raam Fox '26
Rachel O'Neill '24
Zoe Hoctor '25
b4PennsylvaniaUniversity of PennsylvaniaQuakers5/9Benjamin Honig '26Cole Woodworth '26
Cole Woodworth '26Anna Hoffman '26
Torrey Chisari '24Caroline Dannacher '25
Jackson McAliley '27Kiki Bruzzi '25
Jordan Bruce '24John Majernik '25
Joshua Zeelander '24
Shaanti Choi-Bose '24
c5CornellCornell UniversityBig Red5/9J.J. Smith '24Boris Bialer '26
Pilar Cundey '27Kit Harned '27
Sophia Devling '26Kate Moran '27
Winborne Majette '27Sophia Mulvania '26
Sophia Pearce '26
d6Hobart & WilliamHobart and William Smith CollegesStatesmen4/10Will Murray '24Elijah Goldman '26
JJ Klempen '27Frances Depke '25
Juan Carlos LaCerda Jones '26Anna McBride '24
Henry Breslin '27
Laura Therien '26
Rachel Duggan '25
e7FordhamFordham UniversityRams4/10Connor Bennett '26Ava Brimicombe '25
Beckett Kumler '24Robert Upton '27
Peter Lobaugh '24Rebecca Keller '25
Jacob Zils '27Kristen Healy '24
Bella Rabeni '24
8Old DominionOld Dominion UniversityMonarchs2/12Parker Purrington '24Ian Kissel '27
Diogo Silva '26Asianna Acosta '26
Blake Goodwin '27Ethan Tutt '24
Noyl Odom '24Cadence Goodnight '26
Parker Younger '24
*Total points scored when tied teams met (20)
**Total points scored when tied teams met (22)
bTotal points scored when tied teams met (18)
cTotal points scored when tied teams met (24)
dNumber of races won when tied teams met (2)
eNumber of races won when tied teams met (0)