Mendums Pond Invite


Sunday, April 24:

The wind blew itself out this past week, heavy air every day, including yesterday. Wouldn'tcha know it the wind gods were tired . As much as we wanted to get a race off it never reached and maintained at least 3mph.

However, around noon most teams elected to stay and play a lively game of Dead Fish. Only two teams had a Big Mama penalty for a port starboard situation. The capped off with a 1-0 finish, tons of teamwork, lots of laughter, a few wet heads, downsized tacks, lots of pumping and yes FJs can be sailed with five college kids in a boat.

Thanks for coming everyone, and thanks to MSM's coach Lisa for giving me my Cool Kat award and one more reason to have chocolate available for the team.

Thanks to the UNH sailors and Commodore Parker for helping get things set up this morning.

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