William & Mary Spring Open


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

Christopher NewportChristopher Newport Captains4466881010121255
HamptonHampton Pirates55779911114466
Stony BrookStony Brook Seawolves 16688101012125577
Stony BrookStony Brook Seawolves 277991111446688
MarylandMaryland Terps8810101212557799
Virginia TechVirginia Tech Hokies9911114466881010
Webb InstituteWebb Institute Clippers101012125577991111
William and MaryWilliam and Mary Tribe111144668810101212
William and MaryWilliam and Mary Griffin1212557799111144

B Division

Christopher NewportChristopher Newport Captains55779911114466
HamptonHampton Pirates6688101012125577
Stony BrookStony Brook Seawolves 177991111446688
Stony BrookStony Brook Seawolves 28810101212557799
MarylandMaryland Terps9911114466881010
Virginia TechVirginia Tech Hokies101012125577991111
Webb InstituteWebb Institute Clippers111144668810101212
William and MaryWilliam and Mary Tribe1212557799111144
William and MaryWilliam and Mary Griffin4466881010121255