St. Mary's Team Race InterConference

Ranking summary

1StanfordStanford UniversityCardinal8/188.9
*2BrownBrown UniversityBears7/277.8
**3Hobart & WilliamHobart and William Smith CollegesStatesmen7/277.8
4CharlestonCollege of CharlestonCougars6/366.7
5George WashingtonGeorge Washington UniversityColonials5/455.6
*6FordhamFordham UniversityRams4/544.4
**7St. Mary'sSt. Mary's College of MarylandSeahawks4/544.4
8Coast GuardU. S. Coast Guard AcademyBears3/633.3
9CornellCornell UniversityBig Red1/811.1
10NY MaritimeSUNY Maritime CollegePrivateers0/90.0
*Number of races won when tied teams met (1)
**Number of races won when tied teams met (0)

Round 1

↓ vs →RecordStanfordSt. Mary'sNY MaritimeHobart & WilliamGeorge WashingtonFordhamCornellCharlestonCoast GuardBrown
Stanford Cardinal8-1XW (1-2-3)W (1-2-3)L (3-5-6)W (1-2-4)W (1-2-6)W (1-2-4)W (1-2-3)W (1-2-4)W (1-2-4)
St. Mary's Seahawks4-5L (4-5-6)XW (1-2-3)L (3-4-5)W (1-3-5)L (3-4-6)W (1-2-4)L (3-4-6)W (1-2-3)L (3-5-6)
NY Maritime Privateers0-9L (4-5-6)L (4-5-6)XL (3-5-6)L (3-5-6)L (1-5-6)L (3-4-5)L (1-5-6)L (3-5-6)L (3-4-6)
Hobart & William Statesmen7-2W (1-2-4)W (1-2-6)W (1-2-4)XW (1-2-6)L (4-5-6)W (1-2-3)W (1-2-6)W (1-2-5)L (4-5-6)
George Washington Colonials5-4L (3-5-6)L (2-4-6)W (1-2-4)L (3-4-5)XW (1-2-4)W (1-2-5)L (3-4-6)W (1-2-3)W (1-2-4)
Fordham Rams4-5L (3-4-5)W (1-2-5)W (2-3-4)W (1-2-3)L (3-5-6)XW (1-2-4)L (2-3-6)L (3-4-6)L (4-5-6)
Cornell Big Red1-8L (3-5-6)L (3-5-6)W (1-2-6)L (4-5-6)L (3-4-6)L (3-5-6)XL (4-5-6)L (3-4-6)L (4-5-6)
Charleston Cougars6-3L (4-5-6)W (1-2-5)W (2-3-4)L (3-4-5)W (1-2-5)W (1-4-5)W (1-2-3)XW (1-3-5)L (1-5-6)
Coast Guard Bears3-6L (3-5-6)L (4-5-6)W (1-2-4)L (3-4-6)L (4-5-6)W (1-2-5)W (1-2-5)L (2-4-6)XL (4-5-6)
Brown Bears7-2L (3-5-6)W (1-2-4)W (1-2-5)W (1-2-3)L (3-5-6)W (1-2-3)W (1-2-3)W (2-3-4)W (1-2-3)X