Southern New England Team Race


Saturday, March 16:

The 24th annual Southern New England Team Race Regatta was hosted by Connecticut College at the Hump in New London. The Sailors left the dock in a light Northerly that quickly switched to a WNW-WSW-W Breeze. Camel 1 was able to stay ahead of the left to Right and back again breeze. We finished round 1 at 4PM and started Sailing Round two, it became obvious to most coaches that the West and the North Breeze stopped mixing and created 4 races in a row with half the Fleet upside down or 4 autotacks on both beats. The RC and the Umpires decided that it was not a fair test of skill and called it earlier then we wanted to. A big Thank you to John Moulthorp, Bob Austin LaFrance, Tony Weiner, Emily Shanley Roberts and Mikey Gemperline for Umpiring today. Frank Pizzo was the ICSA rep (Piz-O)there is no E and the second Z is silent. The Camel Undgrads did a great job on RC rotating allday. There was a great vibe between coaches until I ended the day early , but I will finish round 2 on Sunday and then we can hug it out. I also asked the coaches not to speak to the Umpires direclty until the end of the day and to run all of their thoughts through the rep. I thought this worked well and the umpires appreciated not having to be involved in the coaches banter. The Camels Look foward to hosting more Team Racing on Sunday. Go NEISA!

Sunday Report Time is 930, with a 950 first Race. If you have questions Email or Call

Jeffrey Bresnahan (Camel 1) 860 867 6197

Sunday, March 17:

Happy St Patrick’s Day! What a great day to Sail on the Thames River. The W and the NW Breeze did a good job of blending most of the Day. The Breeze was perfect to crank out lots of races. Camel 1 and the Umpires did a good job calling races back to get restarted that did not meet our criteria. I apologize to those Teams and Coaches that felt we should have called more back. A Big Thank to John Moulthorp, Bob Austin LaFrance, Tony Weiner, Emily Shanley Roberts and Mikey Gemperline for Volunteer Umpiring today on this glorious Holiday. Thanks to the Camel Undergrads that helped with RC. Unfortunately, the Southerly made it up River and caused us not to be able to get the last Race in round 2 in under the Time limit. The second round stands since we got to at least 80% of the races sailed in the Round 2. Congrats to BC for Winning the SNE TR. I feel that we should have also honored the Coaches group hug, since we came up only 1 short of the second round. Hug it Out!

Final Results

1Boston CollegeBoston CollegeEagles15/2Wade Waddell '19Katharine Bowman '20
Sophia Reineke '21Tara Ferraris '19
Thomas Walden '20Caroline Downey '19
Peter Lynn '19Lauren Seigel '20
*2BowdoinBowdoin CollegePolar Bears14/4Matthew Kaplan '19Marie Bergsund '20
Christian Filter '20Louisa Lindgren '19
Alden Grimes '21Emily Gonzalez '20
Matt Safford '20Julia Adams '21
3MITMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyEngineers14/4Stephen Duncan '20Julia Cho '20
Trevor Long '19Kaila Pfrang '21
Emily Haig '21John Ped '21
John Ped '21Joseph Mastrandrea '21
Sameena Shaffeeullah '19
4BrownBrown UniversityBears12/5Patrick Shanahan '19Julia Reynolds '22
Ragna Agerup '20Davis Tantillo '19
Hannah Steadman '20Madeleine McGrath '22
Maxine De Havenon '19
Emily Ito '19
5Boston UniversityBoston UniversityTerriers12/6Javier De urdanibia panos '21Lexi Pline '19
Robby Gearon '19Emily Walker '19
Sam Morrell '21Katherine Bertolini '21
Alex Moreno '19Carly Berry '21
Alex Moreno '19
6Connecticut CollegeConnecticut CollegeCamels8/10Carter Pemberton '20Cecilia Moreira '20
Thomas Whittemore '22Paige Dunlevy '20
Gordon Gurnell '22Marion Lemay '20
CJ Mckenna '22Walter Henry '22
Walter Henry '22Katherine (Katie) Rodger '20
William Bedford '22
7EckerdEckerd CollegeTritons6/12Ian Willoughby '21Jackie Morrison '23
Daniel Vail '21Caroline Puckette '20
Karl Rasmus Sayre '19Camryn Kennedy '21
8Roger WilliamsRoger Williams UniversityHawks4/14Grant Gridley '22Riley Read '22
Preston Duclos '19Brendan Little '22
Peter Neal '20John Walton '22
Riley Read '22Rachel Holick '22
John Walton '22Grant Gridley '22
9VermontUniversity of VermontCatamounts4/14Cameron Nash '21Gabrielle Myers '21
Colin Richards '20Amanda Engeman '20
Jan Kite-Powell '19Emma Janson '19
10MichiganUniversity of MichiganWolverines0/18Connor Goulet '21Sarah Silvestri '19
Will Neubauer '20Claire Foley '20
Grant Glover '19Julia Sommerfeld '22
*Fewer points when tied teams met