Rudkin Team Race


Saturday, March 9:

Racing got underway promptly at 10:15 in a 5-7 knot SE breeze which clocked right before puttering out midday. After a short on-land postponement, racing resumed in a lovely westerly breeze while dolphins danced around the race course.

We sailed double races and ended up 8 races shy of completing the double round robin. There will be a resail between Eckerd and Connecticut College tomorrow.

Huge thanks to Carrie Greene and the coaches for umpiring races. Also to Evan Langford of Eckerd for manning the finish boat and entering scores.

Sunday, March 10:

A light ESE breeze greeted sailors. We completed the first two rounds as the breeze clocked right throughout the morning. The breeze looked as if it might die, but rather suddenly it filled in from the west again. We were ~seven races shy of completing the third round robin. Bummer.

Thanks to Carrie Greene and Will Bailey for hearing a protest at the end of the day. And to the umpire/coaches for quick on-the-water justice. Again Evan Langford crushed on the finish boat.

Congrats to Bowdoin on winning the second edition of the Rudkin Team Race South.

Final Results

1BowdoinBowdoin CollegePolar Bears11/3Matthew Kaplan '19Marie Bergsund '20
Alden Grimes '21Louisa Lindgren '19
Christian Filter '20Julia Adams '21
Matt Safford '20Emily Gonzalez '20
*2Roger WilliamsRoger Williams UniversityHawks9/5Conner Harding '19Jennifer Agell '19
Daniel Petrovic '19Emily Gildea '21
Spencer Cartwright '22Hallie Repeta '19
**3Connecticut CollegeConnecticut CollegeCamels9/5Carter Pemberton '20Cecilia Moreira '20
CJ Mckenna '22Katherine (Katie) Rodger '20
Gordon Gurnell '22Marion Lemay '20
Thomas Whittemore '22Paige Dunlevy '20
Walter Henry '22Thomas Whittemore '22
b4Boston CollegeBoston CollegeEagles9/5Peter Lynn '19Lauren Seigel '20
Colin Brego '20Eliza Wright '20
Thomas Walden '20Caroline Downey '19
b4MITMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyEngineers9/5Trevor Long '19Kaila Pfrang '21
Stephen Duncan '20Julia Cho '20
Ivan Shestopalov '21Sameena Shaffeeullah '19
John Ped '21
6EckerdEckerd CollegeTritons7/7Karl Rasmus Sayre '19Camryn Kennedy '21
Cameron Douglas '20Caroline Puckette '20
Daniel Vail '21Kim Kusminsky '19
Ian Willoughby '21Carla Szeplaki '20
Cameron Douglas '20
7YaleYale UniversityBulldogs2/12Dylan DiMarchi '20Anisha Arcot '23
Nicholas Marwell '21Helena Ware '23
Sam Tobin '23Mina Cezairli '21
8Salve ReginaSalve Regina UniversitySeahawks0/14Alex Bowdler '22Peter Cronin '22
Grace Vincens '20Jennifer Ryan '19
Anthony Root '22Caroline King '21
*beat Conn in 3rd round to win tie breaker
**beat MIT+BC in 3rd round to win tie breaker
btie stands