NWICSA Island Team Race


Saturday, April 6:

Saturday started off windy. Race committee decided to postpone until 1:00pm when breezes were a little lighter. Fourteen races were completed in the afternoon.

Sunday, April 7:

Sunday it was sunny with light wind. It built as the day went on and the rest of a double round robin was completed.

Final Results

1WashingtonUniversity of WashingtonHuskies 210/0Hayden Potter '20Farzana Mohamedali '20
Connor Hughes '19Maddie Tutton '21
Austin Hauter '21Blake Winner '20
2WashingtonUniversity of WashingtonHuskies 18/2Karl Skeel '20Avery Wolf '21
Erik Skeel '20Sarah Kahle '22
Ian Wolcott '20Elizabeth Murphy '22
3Western WashingtonWestern Washington UniversityVikings 16/4Dillon Kilroy '19Emily Tan '20
Chandler Sharp '19Reilly Berkshire '20
Niko Twilla '21Rebecca Sharp '22
4Western WashingtonWestern Washington UniversityVikings 24/6Nikoline Alden '19Taylor Bayly '21
Marijke Jorna '21Camille Ottaway '20
Kendall Kracke '20Yumi-Shika Shridhar '20
5Oregon StateOregon State UniversityBeavers2/8
6Western WashingtonWestern Washington UniversityVikings 30/10Emily Hammond '20Fiona McBride '21
Wyatt Keysor '20Amanda Stathas '19
Richard Hill '20Eric Jones '23 *