Bob Bavier Team Race


Saturday, March 2:

56 races were compleated today on Crab Bank. Racing began in a light unstable south wind at 3-5 knots. The race committee did a great job of adjusting the course to keep things rolling. The wind shifted to the east for a short time then died completely. After a brief on the water postponement the wind filed in at 6-10 knots from the South. The wind started to lay down for the last few races before heading back to shore. Temps were in the low 70’s.

Sunday, March 3:

Charleston Harbor was covered with thick fog as the sailors arrived at the J Stewart Walker Jr. sailing complex. Sailors were held ashore for a brief postponement and then launched at 10:30 and sailed to crab bank in a 3-5 knot east wind. The remainder of round 2 was completed followed by a top four and a next 4. Racing was started in a southeast wind that quickly died and then came in from the south a bit more steady, at 5-8 knot’s. The fog went away, but then returned as thick as could be for the last few races. The sailors made there way around the track and then we all slowly retreated back to the marina. Thanks you to Chip Till for manning the Horn box, our Chump Steve Wrigley and his umpire team of Kathy Lindgren, Mike Lindgren, Jeff Borland, Rob Woodard, Ryan Davidson, Warren Collier, Peter Hogan & the numerous Charleson undergrads who came out and helped run a great event! Congratulations to Yale University for winning the 2019 Bob Bavier Team Race!

Final Results

1YaleYale UniversityBulldogs17/2Nicholas Baird '19Sonia Lingos-Utley '22
Nicolas Hernandez '19Catherine Webb '23
Shawn Harvey '22Claudia Loiacono '21
2StanfordStanford UniversityCardinal16/3Jacob Rosenberg '20Kathryn Booker '19
Jack Parkin '21Taylor Kirkpatrick '20
Romain Screve '21Sammy Pickell '22
Meg Gerli '19
3CharlestonCollege of CharlestonCougars13/6Jack Brown '21Katherine Lounsbury '20
Alie Toppa '20Annabel Carrington '19
Augie Dale '19Payton Alexander '19
Steven Leuck '20Hunter Skinner '20
*4HarvardHarvard UniversityCrimson10/9Eli Burnes '22Lena Episalla '19
Henry Burnes '22Catherine Tang '19
Nicholas Karnovsky '19Jessica Williams '20
**5JacksonvilleJacksonville UniversityFins10/9Alfonso Garcia Bringas '21Daniel Ofarril '22
Andre Guaragna '21Caroline Bourgeois '22
Stephan VerHulst '19Ana Carrasco '21
b6GeorgetownGeorgetown UniversityHoyas10/9Noah Kelleher '19Maya Rabinowitz '21
Andrew Person '21Marley Mais '21
Jack Reiter '22Lucy Beimfohr '21
Jack Hogan '22
Annabelle Ayer '22
7South FloridaUniversity of South FloridaBulls5/14John Whitehead '20Rachel Yannelli '19
Scott Ewing '18John Monahan '20
Marina Barzaghi '21Carolina Perez Rovira '22
Darby Capellin '19
8George WashingtonGeorge Washington UniversityColonials3/16Wade Wagner '19Mercedes McPhee '19
Matt Logue '22Michael Houllahan '20
Adam DiDomizio '19Cassondra Parker '21
9EckerdEckerd CollegeTritons0/16Daniel Vail '21Tatiana Chinitz '19
Connor Ratcliff '21Kim Kusminsky '19
Karl Rasmus Sayre '19Camryn Kennedy '21
*Total points scored when tied teams met (25)
**Number of races won when tied teams met (3)
bTotal points scored when tied teams met (17)