Aaron Szambecki Team Race


Saturday, March 23:

58 races were conducted in 15-20 knot westerly. One breakdown did not require a re-sail. Thank you to ChUMP Christine Accetella and her crew for getting races off smoothly.

Report time for Sunday remains 0900. Plan is to finish the 2nd Round Robin and sail a Top 4.

Sunday, March 24:

Round 2 was finished in a 6-10 knot ESE. Great work by the RC crew to get the course squared up continually and keep races running. No sail-offs were needed before the Top 4 round. Congrats to CofC Cougars on the win. Thank you to our ChUMP Christine and her solid group of umpires.

Final Results

1CharlestonCollege of CharlestonCougars18/3Jack Brown '21Carter Cameron '19
Augie Dale '19Annabel Carrington '19
Steven Leuck '20Hunter Skinner '20
Katherine Lounsbury '20
Payton Alexander '19
2NavyU. S. Naval AcademyMidshipmen16/5Joseph Hermus '22Sean Linden '21
Parker Loftus '20Parker Loftus '20
Connor Bayless '21Joseph Hermus '22
Maxwell Brill '20Sally Johnson '22
Kimmie Leonard '22
Emma Remis '20
3George WashingtonGeorge Washington UniversityColonials15/6Derek Poon Tip '19Zachary Lehan '20
Wade Wagner '19Mercedes McPhee '19
Matt Logue '22Clare Cassidy-Gardner '21
Andrew Sheerin '19Michael Houllahan '20
Marshall McCraw '20
4HarvardHarvard UniversityCrimson10/11Eli Burnes '21Eric Hansen '22
Henry Burnes '21Lena Episalla '19
Nicholas Karnovsky '19Jessica Williams '20
Catherine Tang '19
Owen Schafer '21
*5StanfordStanford UniversityCardinal8/10John Kirkpatrick '22Laurel Foster '22
Wiley Rogers '22Victoria Thompson '21
Telis Athanasopoulos Yogo '22Madeline Bubb '20
Mathew Hogan '21
**6Old DominionOld Dominion UniversityMonarchs8/10Jack Elkin '19Abigail Tutt '21
Olivia Windemuller '19Bridget Groble '21
Bridget Groble '21Gavin Burkhart '20
Dreugh Phillips '20Makalynne Dyer '21
Victoria Ewing '19
*7JacksonvilleJacksonville UniversityFins7/11Alfonso Garcia Bringas '20Daniel Ofarril '22
Andre Guaragna '20Ian Hunter '21
Stephan VerHulst '19Caroline Bourgeois '22
Chris Kiener '21
Ana Carrasco '21
Samuel Baker '22
**8TuftsTufts UniversityJumbos7/11Charlie Hibben '22Sabina Van Mell '19
Jack Bitney '19Maria Brush '21
Samuel Shea '19Audrey Becker '22
Austen Freda '21
9St. Mary'sSt. Mary's College of MarylandSeahawks5/13Liam McCarthy '19Kate Bjerregaard '19
Leo Boucher '22Kaisey McCallion '19
Joshua Paper '20Lydia McPherson-Shambarger '19
Lewis Cooper '21Ashley Wagner '20
Thomas Walker '21
10Kings PointU. S. Merchant Marine AcademyMariners2/16Carrson Pearce '21Eddy Harris '22
Luke Welker '21Rachel Beisswenger '22
Kieran Cullen '21Adam Krzeszowski '21
Adam Krzeszowski '21Kieran Cullen '21
Rachel McKenzie '22
Amanda Yeam '22
*Number of races won when tied teams met (2)
**Number of races won when tied teams met (0)