Harpswell Sound Team Race


Saturday, March 31:

The Polar Bears were happy to welcome Tufts and UVM to Harpswell Sound! After arriving to a nice northerly, the wind tried every direction before building into a solid southerly. The first round was completed in light and shifty breeze which was then contrasted by round three that presented strong current, chop, and breezier conditions.

Thank you to our awesome umpires (Erin Mullins '16, Mimi Paz '17, and Jack McGuire '17) and all the current Bowdoin sailors who helped keep racing going.

Sunday, April 1:

The southerly that filled at the end of Saturday kept its strength and allowed for two rounds to be completed right off the dock Sunday. This not only sped up rotations but also gave the spectators a great view and let everyone get home for an early supper. Although the forecast had alluded to a very breezy day and there were white caps past Wyre Island, both rounds were completed in medium, shifty conditions paired with lots of current.

Our umpires came back for more and were put to work! Thank you, Jack and Mimi, for helping us decide the races on the water.

Final Results

1BowdoinBowdoin CollegePolar Bears 110/5Alexander Vasiliou '18Kevin Elk '20
Claire Havig '21Martinique Ogle '18
Alden Grimes '21Julia Adams '21
2BowdoinBowdoin CollegePolar Bears 29/6Rowan Byrne '21Kelsey Slack '21
Michael Kann '19Isabelle Austin-Green '19
Louis Frumer '18Eliza Jevon '21
3TuftsTufts UniversityJumbos7/8Julien Guiot '18Emma Clutterbuck '20
Aaron Klein '18Kahler Newsham '19
Bram Brakman '21Sarah Bunney '19
4VermontUniversity of VermontCatamounts4/11Vincent Yannelli '19Isabella Arnaboldi '21
Cameron Nash '21Samuel Magill-Dohan '18
Thomas Harden '20Helen Field '21