BU Team Race


Saturday, March 24:

Two round robins were completed in trying conditions. The first round robin was slowed by several delays for course changes, as oscillations swung the northwest to the east, ranging from 2-8 knots. After a short break and boat rotation, the second round robin began at 3:45. The wind settled in from the east, and the five flights were finished by 5:30.

Huge thanks to Harvard coach Mike O'Connor for helping move marks all day and for shuttling sailors around.

Report time tomorrow is 11 am, with aims for a single round robin to finish the regatta.

Sunday, March 25:

After a delayed report time, sailing began just before noon. One round robin was completed in a puffy northerly. The breeze ranged from 8-12 knots with some puffs topping out at 17.

Congratulations to Roger Williams for winning the BU team race, taking the head to head tiebreaker over the home team.

Final Results

*1Roger WilliamsRoger Williams UniversityHawks12/3Preston Duclos '19Kylie Freitas '20
Peter Neal '20Rachel Holick '22
Kelsey Shakin '19Kristi Dolan '20
**2Boston UniversityBoston UniversityTerriers12/3Casey Cabot '21Skye Shepherd '20
Josh Dochoda '20Erica Brown '21
Sam Morrell '21Emily Walker '19
Javier De urdanibia panos '21Emily Croteau '19
Raymond Groble IV '21
Kyle Dochoda '21
Alex Moreno '19
3HarvardHarvard UniversityCrimson8/7Taylor Gavula '19Emily Wang '21
Owen Schafer '21Emily Malpass '21
Jackson Wagner '19Gayatri Balasubramanian '21
4MITMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyEngineers7/8Stephen Duncan '20Lynn Liu '20
Ivan Shestopalov '21Abigail Lee '20
Joseph Mastrandrea '21Fiona McKellar '20
James Peraire-Bueno '19Elizabeth Obermaier '21
5BowdoinBowdoin CollegePolar Bears5/10Rowan Byrne '21Kelsey Slack '21
Louis Frumer '18Isabelle Austin-Green '19
Claire Havig '21Martinique Ogle '18
6Salve ReginaSalve Regina UniversitySeahawks1/14Sean Beaulieu '18Grace Benzal '21 *
Grace Vincens '20Jennifer Ryan '19
Allison DeLuca '21Mary Grace Bean '18
Joey Lark '21
*Number of races won when tied teams met (2)
**Number of races won when tied teams met (1)