NP#3 at Georgia Tech


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

AuburnAuburn Tigers1133557799
ClemsonClemson Tigers2244668811
CharlestonCharleston Cougars3355779922
Georgia TechGeorgia Tech Yellow Jackets4466881133
North Carolina StateNorth Carolina State Wolfpack5577992244
GeorgiaGeorgia Georgia Bulldogs 16688113355
GeorgiaGeorgia Georgia Bulldogs 27799224466
UNC WilmingtonUNC Wilmington Seahawks8811335577
U South CarolinaU South Carolina Coed9922446688

B Division

AuburnAuburn Tigers2244668811
ClemsonClemson Tigers3355779922
CharlestonCharleston Cougars4466881133
Georgia TechGeorgia Tech Yellow Jackets5577992244
North Carolina StateNorth Carolina State Wolfpack6688113355
GeorgiaGeorgia Georgia Bulldogs 17799224466
GeorgiaGeorgia Georgia Bulldogs 28811335577
UNC WilmingtonUNC Wilmington Seahawks9922446688
U South CarolinaU South Carolina Coed1133557799