Central Spring Open


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

ColumbiaColumbia Lions113355
DrexelDrexel Dragons224466
FordhamFordham Rams 1335577
FordhamFordham Rams 2446688
Loyola College Loyola University MD557799
MonmouthMonmouth Hawks66881010
Penn StatePenn State Nittany Lions77991111
PrincetonPrinceton Tigers8810101212
RutgersRutgers Rutgers9911111313
Stony BrookStony Brook Seawolves 1101012121414
Stony BrookStony Brook Seawolves 2111113131515
StevensStevens Ducks121214141616
DelawareDelaware Blue Hens131315151717
PennsylvaniaPennsylvania Quakers141416161818
VillanovaVillanova Wildcats1515171711
Washington CollegeWashington College Shoremen1616181822
Webb InstituteWebb Institute Clippers17171133
William and MaryWilliam and Mary Tribe18182244

B Division

ColumbiaColumbia Lions224466
DrexelDrexel Dragons335577
FordhamFordham Rams 1446688
FordhamFordham Rams 2557799
Loyola College Loyola University MD66881010
MonmouthMonmouth Hawks77991111
Penn StatePenn State Nittany Lions8810101212
PrincetonPrinceton Tigers9911111313
RutgersRutgers Rutgers101012121414
Stony BrookStony Brook Seawolves 1111113131515
Stony BrookStony Brook Seawolves 2121214141616
StevensStevens Ducks131315151717
DelawareDelaware Blue Hens141416161818
PennsylvaniaPennsylvania Quakers1515171711
VillanovaVillanova Wildcats1616181822
Washington CollegeWashington College Shoremen17171133
Webb InstituteWebb Institute Clippers18182244
William and MaryWilliam and Mary Tribe113355