Central Series 2


Odd-numbered teams rotate into next boat while even-numbered teams rotate into previous boat (swap) every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

Boston CollegeBoston College Eagles1133
Boston UniversityBoston University Terriers221818
BowdoinBowdoin Polar Bears3355
BrownBrown Bears4422
FairfieldFairfield Stags5577
HarvardHarvard Crimson6644
Johnson and WalesJohnson and Wales Wildcats7799
Mass MaritimeMass Maritime Buccaneers8866
NortheasternNortheastern Huskies991111
Roger WilliamsRoger Williams Hawks101088
Sacred HeartSacred Heart Pioneers11111313
Salve ReginaSalve Regina Seahawks12121010
TuftsTufts Jumbos13131515
U. ConnecticutU. Connecticut Huskies14141212
U. Mass/ AmherstU. Mass/ Amherst Minutemen15151717
New HampshireNew Hampshire Wildcats16161414
Rhode IslandRhode Island Rams171711
Wentworth InstituteWentworth Institute Leopards18181616

B Division

Boston CollegeBoston College Eagles2244
Boston UniversityBoston University Terriers111717
BowdoinBowdoin Polar Bears4466
BrownBrown Bears3311
FairfieldFairfield Stags6688
HarvardHarvard Crimson5533
Johnson and WalesJohnson and Wales Wildcats881010
Mass MaritimeMass Maritime Buccaneers7755
NortheasternNortheastern Huskies10101212
Roger WilliamsRoger Williams Hawks9977
Sacred HeartSacred Heart Pioneers12121414
Salve ReginaSalve Regina Seahawks111199
TuftsTufts Jumbos14141616
U. ConnecticutU. Connecticut Huskies13131111
U. Mass/ AmherstU. Mass/ Amherst Minutemen16161818
New HampshireNew Hampshire Wildcats15151313
Rhode IslandRhode Island Rams181822
Wentworth InstituteWentworth Institute Leopards17171515