Staake Trophy NE Qualifier


Saturday, March 26:

The started with a NE breeze at 8-10 kts. It slowly died. A very strong SE breeze filled the Thames River Valley. The Camel RC was able to get 2.5 rounds completed. 2 Protests were filed and both were disallowed. Thanks to John Moulthorp for helping with the Umpiring.

Sunday, March 27:

Sunday started with a light Easterly that slowly went away. The Southerly came in and we finished round 3. We attempted round 4, but could not get to 80% by 3PM. The races in round 4 had to be abandoned . Thanks to Jonh Mouthorp and Rob Brelin for umpiring. Thanks to Matt Cohen and Joel Hennaman for hearing an appeal. Thanks to the Camel undergrads for helping to run the event. Congrats to URI for winning the 2016 Staake trophy.

Final Results

1Rhode IslandUniversity of Rhode IslandRams11/1Caleb Armstrong '16Fiona Christie '17
Rachel Bryer '17Hannah Scanlon '18
Matthew Coughlin '16Kathryn Nota '19
2Connecticut CollegeConnecticut CollegeCamels9/3Walter Florio '18Erin Smith '19
Hugh MacGillivray '18Eliza Garry '17
Bryce Kopp '16Albert Rodiger '18
3TuftsTufts UniversityJumbos7/5Scott Barbano '17Ian Morgan '19
John Rolander '17Emily Shanley-Roberts '18
James Moody '16Caroline Ambros '17
Casey Gowrie '16Leah Fletcher '17
4VermontUniversity of VermontCatamounts3/9William Crary '17Sydney Connor '18
Amina Brown '17Haley McMahon '18
Benjamin Craig '17Brittney Manning '18
Jan Kite-Powell '19Caroline Duksta '19
5NortheasternNortheastern UniversityHuskies0/12Peter Christensen '18Anne Wieland '19
Kurran Singh '19Sofia Kirkman '20
Donal Ryan '19Jacqueline Berlin '19