Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

Boston UniversityBoston University Terriers224466
Boston UniversityBoston University Rah BUDS!335577
BrownBrown Bears446688
Maine MaritimeMaine Maritime Mariners557799
Mass MaritimeMass Maritime Buccaneers66881010
ProvidenceProvidence Friars77991111
Salve ReginaSalve Regina Seahawks8810101212
TuftsTufts Jumbos9911111313
TuftsTufts Jumber101012121414
U. Mass/ AmherstU. Mass/ Amherst U. Mass Amherst111113131515
UMass DartmouthUMass Dartmouth Corsairs 11212141411
UMass DartmouthUMass Dartmouth Corsairs 21313151522
Rhode IslandRhode Island Rams14141133
Worcester PolytechWorcester Polytech Worcester Polytech15152244

B Division

Boston UniversityBoston University Terriers335577
Boston UniversityBoston University Rah BUDS!446688
BrownBrown Bears557799
Maine MaritimeMaine Maritime Mariners66881010
Mass MaritimeMass Maritime Buccaneers77991111
ProvidenceProvidence Friars8810101212
Salve ReginaSalve Regina Seahawks9911111313
TuftsTufts Jumbos101012121414
TuftsTufts Jumber111113131515
U. Mass/ AmherstU. Mass/ Amherst U. Mass Amherst1212141411
UMass DartmouthUMass Dartmouth Corsairs 11313151522
UMass DartmouthUMass Dartmouth Corsairs 214141133
Rhode IslandRhode Island Rams15152244
Worcester PolytechWorcester Polytech Worcester Polytech113355