Admiral Alymers


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

BrownBrown Bears11335577
Mass MaritimeMass Maritime Buccaneers22446688
NortheasternNortheastern Huskies33557799
Salve ReginaSalve Regina Seahawks4466881010
TuftsTufts Jumbos5577991111
TuftsTufts Jumbalaya668810101212
U. Mass/ AmherstU. Mass/ Amherst U. Mass Amherst779911111313
UMass DartmouthUMass Dartmouth Corsairs 1881010121211
UMass DartmouthUMass Dartmouth Corsairs 2991111131322
U New EnglandU New England Nor'Easters101012121133
New HampshireNew Hampshire Wildcats111113132244
Rhode IslandRhode Island Rams1212113355
VermontVermont Catamounts1313224466

B Division

BrownBrown Bears22446688
Mass MaritimeMass Maritime Buccaneers33557799
NortheasternNortheastern Huskies4466881010
Salve ReginaSalve Regina Seahawks5577991111
TuftsTufts Jumbos668810101212
TuftsTufts Jumbalaya779911111313
U. Mass/ AmherstU. Mass/ Amherst U. Mass Amherst881010121211
UMass DartmouthUMass Dartmouth Corsairs 1991111131322
UMass DartmouthUMass Dartmouth Corsairs 2101012121133
U New EnglandU New England Nor'Easters111113132244
New HampshireNew Hampshire Wildcats1212113355
Rhode IslandRhode Island Rams1313224466
VermontVermont Catamounts11335577