2016 Jeremy McIntyre Team Race


Saturday, February 27:

A beautiful day on redwood creek! The morning started off slow with the NNW breeze trying to fill in. Finally at 1230 the breeze filled and PRO Atlantic Brugman got racing started and never stopped till dark! Atlantic and the Stanford undergrads cranked out a full round robin. After racing the regatta was treated by a dinner at Sequoia Yacht Club.

A big thank you to our umpire crew lead by Bryan McDonald (dude1), Mateo Vargas, Mike Gross, Vicki Sodero, John christman, Grant Baldwin, and Paul Zupan.

Sunday, February 28:

The teams arrived sunday morning to glassy conditions. The RC changed the format to a top 6 bottom 4 for the day. The wind teased coming in and out and finally filled at 1:30pm when racing commenced. The RC did their best to get races off before the 3pm deadline and just missed getting enough races in the top 6 round or bottom 4 to let it them count.

Congrats to all the teams for good tight racing and lots of fun all weekend.

Final Results

1StanfordStanford UniversityCardinal9/0Luke Muller '18Cassie Obel '19
William Marshall '19Maggie Schult '19
Axel Sly '16John Cannistraro '17
Reinier Eenkema Van Dijk '17Sarah Placek '18
*2UC Santa BarbaraUniversity of California at Santa BarbaraGauchos7/2Christopher Weis '18Claire Hunt '19
Kristopher Swanson '18Maxwell McKinney '19
Cobi Allen '16Dylan Finestone '19
Neil Stapleton '18
**3StanfordStanford UniversityWhite7/2Maeve White '17Elena VandenBerg '18
Lily Katz '17Kathryn Booker '19
Martina Sly '19Yuki Yoshiyasu '16
*4Santa Barbara CitySanta Barbara City CollegeVaqueros6/3Matthew Long '20Hannah Colombo '18
Ryan Powell '17Edward Edgerton '17
Silas Barton '18Cameron Gibson '19
**5Old DominionOld Dominion UniversityMonarchs6/3Esteban Forrer '16Gabriel Smith '17
Augie Dale '18Kaylie Gallagher '16
Jeremy Herrin '18Grace Mason '16
6HawaiiUniversity of HawaiiRainbows4/5Chuck Eaton '17Kellie Yamada '16
Kai Galli '18Patrick Manuel '16
Soren Wilde '19Cole Brauer '17
Annika Garrett '19
7Southern CalUniversity of Southern CaliforniaTrojans3/6Matthew Hecht '16Mackenzie Freeman '18
John Coakley '16Melissa Schem '18
Peter Wong '18Paul Chyz '18
b8NorthwesternNorthwestern UniversityWildcats1/8Jacob Bruce '16Katherine O'Donnell '19
Noah Rosenthal '18Kelly Logacho '18
Zachary Herron '18Michael Pauleen '18
c9BerkeleyUniversity of California at BerkeleyBears1/8Andrew Solomon '18Lauren Rehbein '16
Kyra Oakes '18Ekaterina Goncharova '18
Ian Markowitz '17Alexandre Mutricy '17
d10Cal PolyCal Poly University S.L.O.Mustang1/8Ben Brough '19Helen Payne '19
Joseph Lausten '18Haley Weber '18
Geoffrey Brelsford '18Belle Lemoine '19
Dallas Butler '17
*Number of races won when tied teams met (1)
**Number of races won when tied teams met (0)
bTotal points scored when tied teams met (20)
cTotal points scored when tied teams met (21)
dTotal points scored when tied teams met (22)