MCSA Team Race Championship


Friday, April 17:

Sailors reported at 9:00 for a double round robin. Unfortunately, conditions did not permit for sailing, as there was no wind. Postponement was called until 16:30 when a small amount of breeze filled in and allowed for sailing. Sailors were sent out into very light and shifty conditions from the south and completed 7 races. There were no protests or breakdowns filed. Racing was ended at 18:30 to resume at 8:00 the following morning.

Saturday, April 18:

Teams arrived early Saturday morning to get in as much team racing as possible. Race 8 started at 8:35 and continued until one round robin and a final four was completed. 13-15 knots of wind was out of the northeast creating wavy conditions for sailors. The wind consistently died throughout the day eventually settling in at a steady 7-10. Racing concluded at 11:45 with Wisconsin winning, and Michigan taking second place. Both will advance onto Team Race Nationals. Thank you to everyone who helped make this event run as smoothly as it did. Thank you to our PRO Katie Tinder and our umpires Betsy Altman, Dennis Bartley and Geoff Pedrick. Congratulations to Wisconsin and Michigan on advancing to Nationals.

Final Results

1WisconsinUniversity of WisconsinBadgers8/0George Kutschenreuter '15Katrina Debbink '15
Connor Trepton '15Elliot Busta '15
Laura Wefer '16Kirstin Reeser '15
Katie Hall '16
Jennifer Burke '16
Benjamin Reiland '15
2MichiganUniversity of MichiganWolverines6/2Christopher Cyr '16Sidney Thompson '18
Thomas Etheridge '16Sarah Sloan '16
Alex Ramos '15Emily Gazall '16
Lane Tobin '18
Ryan Davidson '15
*3Notre DameUniversity of Notre DameFighting Irish3/5Mike Flanigan '15Grace Curtin '18
Patrick Power '15Katherine Schneeberger '17
John Schneider '16Rebecca Jegier '15
John O'Brien '18
Colleen King '16
**4NorthwesternNorthwestern UniversityWildcats3/5Jacob Bruce '16Yi Zhang '17
Noah Rosenthal '18Elizabeth Philip '18
Robert Johnston '15Jacob Bruce '16
Travis Cottle '15Allison Park '17
Michael Pauleen '18
5MinnesotaUniversity of MinnesotaGophers1/4Emily Oltrogge '15Emily Johnson '16
Alison Kent '16Cailin Oakes '18
Isabella Hamilton '17John O'Leary '16
Michael Valverde '18
6UW MilwaukeeUniversity of Wisconsin MilwaukeePanthers0/5Andre Deriaz '18Anthony Tieso '17
Cole Meller '17Brittni Begale '16
Hannah Noll '15Hannah Girard '18
Isak Peterson '15Cole Meller '17
*Total points scored when tied teams met (18)
**Total points scored when tied teams met (24)