MAISA Team Race Challenge


Saturday, April 4:

AP over A. Report time tomorrow will be 0830. 28 knot average wind with gusts to 40 knots from the NW, WNW with adverse current made the sea state unbearable for a Zodiac Hurricane let alone a collegiate dinghy. No races sailed.

Thank you to CHUMP Rob Overton, Sam Blouin, Dave Clinnin, Gary Knapp, Anne Mooney, Russell Pearson, and William Siener, our umpires, for their time.

Thanks to KP Waterfront Staff and Midshipmen for making an attempt at going sailing.

Sunday, April 5:

Racing started at 0915. We had a light west wind, which at times was below the wind minimum. Around 1145 the west wind built in strength ranging from 9-22kts. We finished RR1 and tried to start the double final 4 as per MAISA Team Race Challenge protocol. We were unable to finish even a single final 4 and called it off just before the 1500 deadline.

Final results were taken from the single RR. Upenn and GWU met in the unfinished Final Four with GWU winning. This race counted for a sail-off per ICSA procedural rules.

Thank you to all the regatta support team for an active day on the water.

Thank you to Rob Overton(CHUMP), Sam Blouin, Dave Clinnin, Anne Mooney, John Mooney and Russell Pearson for umpiring the event.

Congratulation to HWS and GWU for qualifying for The Prosser Trophy at KP on 4/11-12/2015.

Final Results

1Hobart & WilliamHobart and William Smith CollegesStatesmen6/1Eddie Cox '16Haley Okun '18
Greiner Hobbs '18Parker Trepton '18
Elliott Morrill '15Shannon Lawler '18
Adam Schaefer '17
Sarah Warren '18
Noah Barrengos Barrengos '18
*2George WashingtonGeorge Washington UniversityColonials5/2Roger Dorr '18Shira Golub '18
Brendan Shanahan '17Isabel Strachan '18
Kai Friesecke '18Miranda Bakos '18
Meagan Murphy '15
Matthew Ricci '15
**3PennsylvaniaUniversity of PennsylvaniaQuakers5/2Jack Swikart '15Cary Kane '17
Joseph Egan '18Catie Hopkins '17
Drew Gallagher '18Jonathon Joyce '18
Patricia Andrade '15
Foster Collins '16
**4CornellCornell UniversityBig Red4/3Duncan Howes '15Claire Riedman '16
Connor Kelter '18Laura Lee '18
Alex Woloshyn '17Julie Barbera '17
Alex Gatto '15
Lindsay Gimple '17
*5Washington CollegeWashington CollegeShoremen4/3Ryan Bailey '15Karlyn Long '17
Eric Siegel '16Griffin Rodrigue '18
Eleanor Conroy '15Lindsey Arnstein '18
**6Kings PointU. S. Merchant Marine AcademyMariners2/5Andrew Bates '15Clara Ashton '18
Max Neubelt '17Vincent Storino '18
Charles Lomax '18Gabrielle Neubelt '17
Ryan Wood '17
Patrick Scollard '17
*7HamptonHampton UniversityPirates2/5Veronica Maccari '17Albert Berk Toledo '15
Maximilian Kuester '18Joshua Williams '16
Cristina Ortiz Vivas '18Miles Braden '17
8Christopher NewportChristopher Newport UniversityCaptains0/7Amanda Attardi '17Benjamin Kempton '18
Xander Van Beurden '18Kaitlin Welker '17
Austin Powers '17Hannah Cantolino '18
*Number of races won when tied teams met (0)
**Number of races won when tied teams met (1)