Bob Bavier Team Race


Saturday, March 7:

Ten teams rode the ebb tide to Crab Bank for 16 races in a 3-8 knot N-NE before moving to the SE. Day one concluded with race 57 in an increasing flood tide and much steadier 6-12 knots from the ocean. The tentative plan is to complete one round of the top six-bottom four, and a final four, unless conditions prove otherwise. Thanks to Chief Umpire Steve Wrigley and his team of Jeff Borland, Christine Accettella, Dillon Paiva, Sam Stokes, and Brooks Clark. In addition, thanks to Ryan Hamm and the team of Cougars for running a top notch day of team racing. Several teams enjoyed conversing with Luna Rossa helmsman, Chris Draper, at the new Zhik store in Mt. Pleasant via Skype.

Sunday, March 8:

Ten races were completed in a light westerly and increasing ebb tide before an extended lunch break. Sailors rafted up to the race committee boats to avoid being swept down current as the the sea breeze filled. The bottom four teams were sent home allowing the top six to complete one round before 3 o’clock in a 6-8 knot southerly. Thanks again to Chief Umpire Steve Wrigley, Jeff Borland, Christine Accettella, Dillon Paiva, Sammy Stokes, and Brooks Clark. In addition, thanks to Zeke Horowitz for serving as the ICSA representative. Congratulations to the Yale University Bulldogs on the victory with a record of 12 wins and 2 losses.

Final Results

*1YaleYale UniversityBulldogs12/2Ian Barrows '17Meredith Megarry '17
Joseph Kiss '17Charlotte Belling '16
Graham Landy '15Katherine Gaumond '15
Malcolm Lamphere '18Clara Robertson '17
**2St. Mary'sSt. Mary's College of MarylandSeahawks12/2Edmund Cooper '17Allison Shane '15
Nicholas Clemence '15Mariah Leffingwell '16
Alexander Curtiss '16Shelby Jacobs '17
Jacob La Dow '15
3GeorgetownGeorgetown UniversityHoyas10/4Sean Golden '16Isabelle Ruiz De Luzuriaga '16
Nevin Snow '16Katia DaSilva '15
AJ Reiter '17Bettina Redway '16
Alex Post '15
4CharlestonCollege of CharlestonCougars9/5Jake Reynolds '16Alicia Blumenthal '15
Ryan Davidson '16Morgan Buckley '15
Reed Baldridge '16Elizabeth Pemberton '18
Charles Rees '16Tierney Driscoll '15
Nick Johnstone '15Septima McAdams '16
5NavyU. S. Naval AcademyMidshipmen5/9Mary Hall '15Connor Hendi '15
Michael Popp '16Alexandra Asuncion '15
Patrick Snow '17Megan Hough '16
6Boston CollegeBoston CollegeEagles3/11Maxwell Simmons '17Kaitlin Driscoll '16
Charles Sinks '18Allison Ferraris '17
Ryan Schmitz '15Christopher Dwyer '15
Harry Koeppel '17Katherine Downey '16
7South FloridaUniversity of South FloridaBulls3/6Benjamin Mohney '15Kristen Walker '17
Sean Cornell '18Ali Yarbrough '16
Christopher Stocke '15Mary Guidi '15
Michael Trebilcock '17
Paul Perry '15
Brendan Feeney '18
*8EckerdEckerd CollegeTritons2/7Jason D'Agostino '17Ann Williamson '15
Timothy Siemers '16Jessica Resnick '16
Andrew Schoene '18Sarah Hanson '16
William McKenzie '17
b9Old DominionOld Dominion UniversityMonarchs2/7Esteban Forrer '16Gabriel Smith '17
Daniel LOCHNER '15Katelyn Talley '16
Augie Dale '18Grace Mason '16
**10WisconsinUniversity of WisconsinBadgers2/7George Kutschenreuter '15Korina Hendricks '17
Connor Trepton '15Katrina Debbink '15
Laura Wefer '16Kirstin Reeser '15
Erik Elliott '17
Kelsea Kierstead '15
*Number of races won when tied teams met (2)
**Number of races won when tied teams met (0)
bNumber of races won when tied teams met (1)