34th Lynne Marchiando Regatta

Ranking summary

1YaleYale UniversityBulldogs13/286.7
2HarvardHarvard UniversityCrimson12/380.0
3StanfordStanford UniversityCardinal11/473.3
*4TuftsTufts UniversityJumbos10/566.7
**5DartmouthDartmouth CollegeBig Green10/566.7
6Roger WilliamsRoger Williams UniversityHawks9/660.0
*7VermontUniversity of VermontCatamounts8/753.3
**8BrownBrown UniversityBears8/753.3
9Connecticut CollegeConnecticut CollegeCamels7/846.7
*10BowdoinBowdoin CollegePolar Bears6/940.0
**11Boston CollegeBoston CollegeEagles6/940.0
*12WisconsinUniversity of WisconsinBadgers5/1033.3
**13MITMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyEngineers5/1033.3
14Rhode IslandUniversity of Rhode IslandRams4/1126.7
*15EckerdEckerd CollegeTritons3/1220.0
**16Boston UniversityBoston UniversityTerriers3/1220.0
*Number of races won when tied teams met (1)
**Number of races won when tied teams met (0)


Boston University Terriers5DNF6 points (Orig: 6)
Boston University Terriers27DNF6 points (Orig: 6)
Brown University Bears117DSQ11 points (Orig: 5)Black flag flown during race. Dartmouth fouled as a result of a Brown foul.
Dartmouth College Big Green6OCS16 points (Orig: 6)
Dartmouth College Big Green117DSQ8 points (Orig: 2)
University of Rhode Island Rams23DNF6 points (Orig: 6)
University of Rhode Island Rams23DNF6 points (Orig: 5)
University of Rhode Island Rams106DNF6 points (Orig: 6)
Roger Williams University Hawks22DNF6 points (Orig: 6)
Roger Williams University Hawks38DSQ12 points (Orig: 6)
Yale University Bulldogs12DNS6 points (Orig: 6)
Yale University Bulldogs50DSQ8 points (Orig: 2)

Round 1

↓ vs →RecordBrownBowdoinBoston CollegeBoston UniversityConnecticut CollegeDartmouthEckerdHarvardMITRoger WilliamsStanfordTuftsRhode IslandVermontYaleWisconsin
Brown Bears8-7XW (1-2-4)W (1-3-4)L (3-4-6)W (1-2-5)L (3-4-5 DSQ)W (2-3-4)L (3-4-6)L (1-5-6)W (1-3-5)W (1-3-6)L (3-5-6)W (1-3-4)L (2-4-5)L (2-4-6)W (1-2-3)
Bowdoin Polar Bears6-9L (3-5-6)XW (2-3-4)L (3-4-6)W (2-3-5)L (3-5-6)W (1-3-4)L (3-5-6)L (3-4-6)L (4-5-6)W (1-3-6)L (4-5-6)W (2-3-4)L (1-5-6)L (3-4-6)W (1-2-4)
Boston College Eagles6-9L (2-5-6)L (1-5-6)XW (1-2-3)L (3-4-5)W (2-4-5)L (2-4-6)W (1-2-5)W (1-2-5)W (2-3-5)L (4-5-6)L (3-4-6)W (1-4-5)L (4-5-6)L (3-4-6)L (3-4-6)
Boston University Terriers3-12W (1-2-5)W (1-2-5)L (4-5-6)XL (2-4-6 DNF)L (3-5-6)L (3-5-6)L (2-4-6)L (4-5-6)L (1-5-6)L (3-4-6)L (1-5-6)W (2-3-4)L (1-5-6)L (3-4-6)L (1-4-6 DNF)
Connecticut College Camels7-8L (3-4-6)L (1-4-6)W (1-2-6)W (1-3-5)XL (3-4-6)W (1-3-4)L (3-5-6)W (1-2-4)L (3-5-6)L (4-5-6)W (2-3-5)L (2-4-5)W (1-3-4)L (1-5-6)W (2-3-4)
Dartmouth Big Green10-5W (1-2-6 DSQ)W (1-2-4)L (1-3-6 OCS)W (1-2-4)W (1-2-5)XW (1-2-4)L (2-3-6)W (1-2-5)W (1-2-3)L (3-4-6)L (3-4-6)W (1-2-5)L (3-4-5)W (1-4-5)W (1-2-5)
Eckerd Tritons3-12L (1-5-6)L (2-5-6)W (1-3-5)W (1-2-4)L (2-5-6)L (3-5-6)XL (3-5-6)L (3-4-6)L (4-5-6)L (4-5-6)L (3-5-6)W (1-4-5)L (3-4-6)L (3-4-5)L (3-4-6)
Harvard Crimson12-3W (1-2-5)W (1-2-4)L (3-4-6)W (1-3-5)W (1-2-4)W (1-4-5)W (1-2-4)XW (1-2-3)L (2-4-6)L (3-4-5)W (1-2-3)W (2-3-4)W (1-2-5)W (1-3-6)W (1-2-3)
MIT Engineers5-10W (2-3-4)W (1-2-5)L (3-4-6)W (1-2-3)L (3-5-6)L (3-4-6)W (1-2-5)L (4-5-6)XW (1-2-4)L (2-3-6)L (3-4-6)L (2-5-6)L (2-3-6)L (3-4-5)L (2-3-6)
Roger Williams Hawks9-6L (2-4-6)W (1-2-3)L (1-4-6 DSQ)W (2-3-4)W (1-2-4)L (4-5-6 DNF)W (1-2-3)W (1-3-5)L (3-5-6)XW (1-3-5)W (1-2-6)W (1-4-5)W (2-3-4)L (4-5-6)L (2-5-6)
Stanford Cardinal11-4L (2-4-5)L (2-4-5)W (1-2-3)W (1-2-5)W (1-2-3)W (1-2-5)W (1-2-3)W (1-2-6)W (1-4-5)L (2-4-6)XW (1-4-5)W (1-2-5)W (1-3-5)L (3-5-6)W (1-4-5)
Tufts Jumbos10-5W (1-2-4)W (1-2-3)W (1-2-5)W (2-3-4)L (1-4-6)W (1-2-5)W (1-2-4)L (4-5-6)W (1-2-5)L (3-4-5)L (2-3-6)XW (1-2-5)W (1-2-5)L (4-5-6)W (1-2-3)
Rhode Island Rams4-11L (2-5-6 DNF,DNF)L (1-5-6)L (2-3-6)L (1-5-6)W (1-3-6)L (3-4-6)L (2-3-6)L (1-5-6)W (1-3-4)L (2-3-6)L (3-4-6 DNF)L (3-4-6)XW (2-3-4)L (3-5-6)W (1-2-5)
Vermont Catamounts8-7W (1-3-6)W (2-3-4)W (1-2-3)W (2-3-4)L (2-5-6)W (1-2-6)W (1-2-5)L (3-4-6)W (1-4-5)L (1-5-6)L (2-4-6)L (3-4-6)L (1-5-6)XL (3-4-6)W (1-3-5)
Yale Bulldogs13-2W (1-3-5)W (1-2-5)W (1-2-5)W (1-2-5)W (2-3-4)L (2-3-6 DSQ)W (1-2-6 DNS)L (2-4-5)W (1-2-6)W (1-2-3)W (1-2-4)W (1-2-3)W (1-2-4)W (1-2-5)XW (1-2-3)
Wisconsin Badgers5-10L (4-5-6)L (3-5-6)W (1-2-5)W (2-3-5)L (1-5-6)L (3-4-6)W (1-2-5)L (4-5-6)W (1-4-5)W (1-3-4)L (2-3-6)L (4-5-6)L (3-4-6)L (2-4-6)L (4-5-6)X