Staake Trophy Team Race


Saturday, April 20:

On Saturday, racing took place in a light and shifty westerly that looked to be going south, but never did. The wind was pretty fickle and we experienced some delays as the breeze sorted itself out midday. Racing started shortly after 10:30 and ended around 6:30. Two round robins were completed. All told, we were grateful all the teams could make it after the tragic events that unfolded in Boston last week.

Huge thanks to RWU undergrads Abby Cook and Shanna Rae Savignano for (wo)manning the start boat, Brian Firth and Connor Adams for slugging it out on the finish boat, Catherine Towner for handling the scoring from her phone ashore and Scott Booth who was a general purpose helper outer.

Three protests were filed, but were postponed until Sunday morning.

Sunday, April 21:

Five of the seven teams racing this weekend were seeking the last two spots at the NE Team Racing Championship. The goal was to complete a 3rd round robin followed by a final four. We completed 17 of the 21 races for the 3rd round in an extremely shifty NW breeze. Many of the races were extremely close. Ultimately the breeze did not cooperate, and the regatta ended without completing the third round.

Congratulations to Bowdoin and Boston University for securing berths to the NE Team Racing Championship which will take place in two weekends at Harvard.

Thanks again to Abby Cook and Catherine Towner along with Nicole Sikowitz, Jack Hunger, and Cole Rice for their help running the races in trying conditions. Also thanks to Frank Pizzo, Brian Swingly, and Colin Merrick for hearing protests.

Final Results

1BowdoinBowdoin CollegePolar Bears8/4Michael Croteau '15Julia Rew '16
Tom Peabody '14Ayaka Okawa '14
Kaylee Schwitzer '15Mae Speight '13
2Boston UniversityBoston UniversityTerriers7/5Ryan Astwood '16Margaret Swanson '16
Ian Towill '14Lalitha Kumaresan '13
Cameron Fraser '14Alejandra Higgins '13
2Roger WilliamsRoger Williams UniversityHawks7/5Andrew Tamblyn '13Breanne Baldino '16
William Macdonald '15Chelsea Maguire '13
Connor Brady '15Jaye Fahey '15
2TuftsTufts UniversityJumbos7/5Alejandro Ruiz-Ramon '15Mackenzie Loy '13
Dan Nickerson '15Madeline Luce '13
Duncan Swain '15Julie Pringle '14
5Coast GuardU. S. Coast Guard AcademyBears6/6Bradley Milliken '14Robert Turley '16
Dylan Finneran '15Jaimie Chicoine '14
Bradley Brown '15Kayla Ellis '16
Kayla Ellis '16Christina Frost '16
6Rhode IslandUniversity of Rhode IslandRams5/7Alex Whipple '15Molly Lucyk '16
James Simmons '13Elizabeth Durgin '16
Matthew Coughlin '16Chris Dawson '16
7Salve ReginaSalve Regina UniversitySeahawks2/10Kyle Carney '13Angelina Todaro '16
Robert Lippincott '14Baillie Lawless '15
Christopher Jensen '14Catherine Corssen '15